Hi, and welcome to Vertical Jump Zone, the world’s #1 vertical jump training website.

My name is Dan O, founder of VerticalJumpZone.com (that’s me in the pic)

On this website, you will find all the information you need to jump higher and improve your vertical jump.

Our goal is to guide you on your journey to athletic success, whether you want to go pro in your sport or whether you just want to become a better athlete to compete on the weekends.

A high vertical jump is crucial to athletic success.

Most great athletes have great vertical jumps e.g. Michael Jordan, Randy Moss, and Lebron James.

In fact, in many sports like basketball, volleyball and football, the vertical jump is the standard measure of athletic potential.

This is because a great vertical leap equates to a quick and explosive athlete.

My Story

I started playing basketball when I was 11 years old, and I instantly fell in love with the game.

Like every basketball player, I dreamed of jumping higher and performing jaw-dropping dunks.

I dreamed of playing college basketball and eventually playing in the NBA.

Sadly, I didn’t have a great vertical leap.

In fact, my vertical was PATHETIC – only 20 inches on a good day…

I trained with several programs that promised to increase my vertical jump, but failed miserably.

I gained a few inches here and there using these jumping programs, but they quickly disappeared because the programs were taking a toll on my knees.

These jumping programs REDUCED my vertical jump…

When I was 16 yrs old, I had to stop playing basketball for 8 months because of knee problems.

My vertical jump was at an all-time low after my knee injuries, and I had to start from scratch.

Eventually, I found something that worked…

With trial-and-error, and several disappointments, I finally figured out what exercises worked to improve jumping ability and explosiveness.

I discovered most of these exercises by accident, and they worked wonders.

My jaw dropped to the floor as my vertical began increasing EVERY WEEK!

(NOTE: I believe that there is only 1 vertical jump program today that shows you a surefire, step-by-step blueprint to increase your vertical. You can read about it here )

My first dunk…

I dunked for the first time in my senior year of high school. It was right after practice, and I was SHOCKED.

The 6′ 0″ kid who couldn’t even touch the rim before was now dunking.

After years of training, setbacks, and disappointments, I had finally achieved my goal!

I’ll be honest with you…I cried that day…All my hard work had finally paid off.

Fast forward a few years…

I eventually improved my vertical jump to 40 inches and achieved my goal of playing college basketball.

I walked-on and played for a Division II school that constantly made the national tournament.

Sadly, I had to stop playing ball my senior year of college due to an injury to my left knee.

I had to let go of my NBA dream, but my knee is now much better and I’m back on the courts.

I’ve also managed to regain most of my vertical jump back.

What this means to you…

Let me use my vertical jump training experience and guide you to improve your own vertical.

Let me help you achieve your athletic goals and dreams.

Are you ready?




Dan O

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. marlon Says:

    nice story!
    i can’t just find the correct program for a vertical jump.
    this might be the answer for all of my questions.


  2. davis the former skywalker Says:

    wow that was the best article i read thanks for your honesty your like me man i have tried different things over 2 yrs and havent increased my vertical not even an inch im ready to flt again in high school i had a 40inch vertical but i can no loger do those exercises im older now help me out dog.


  3. Richard Denker Says:

    I was on vacation without email access. So, I missed the 50% off offer on the Jump Manual. PLEASE notify me if the offer is ever repeated as I would love to own it…Thanks


  4. Jordan Says:

    Hey Dan, how are you? My name is Jordan and I’m 16. I just joined your website a few weeks ago and I need your help! I have a mild case of jumpers knee (patela tendanidice) and I’ve been going to physical therapy and It still hurts but i can play through it. The only problem I need to get my legs stronger to prevent it and also I lost a lot of my vertical, I want to get it back and jump even higher, what program would you suggest I buy(jumpers manual)? Thanks, Jordan


  5. Serhan Says:

    Hey Dan I’m Serhan,
    I need your help urgently, I’m currently 15 and my height is 6 ft 2 and my vertical leap is horrible, please help me increase my vertical. I will do whatever it takes as I’m really interested in the FIF and jump manual. I want to know more about it as I want this a lot



    • Dan Says:

      Hey Serhan. I’m here to help you man :-) All the exercises you find on this site will help you out, but your best bet to get the most inches in the shortest amount of time is to get the Jump Manual. You can read my review of the program here to learn more about it.


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