Free Throw Shooting Tips

Free throw shooting is an important component of basketball.

The outcome of many basketball games is determined on the free throw line.

It is the only time during the game when you are able to score without the other team defending you.

The BEEF Formula is a great way to become a better free throw shooter.

BEEF stands for:

  • Balance
  • Eyes
  • Elbow
  • Follow through

Let us examine each part in detail…


  • It is important to stay balanced when shooting free throws.
  • Being balanced will help you keep a proper, consistent form every time you shoot.
  • This will greatly increase your chances of making your free throws.


  • Always keep your eyes on the rim.
  • Stay focused on the rim and you will increase your chances of making the foul shot.


  • Always try to get your elbow under the basketball while you shoot.
  • This will make sure you’re using good shooting form, and it will improve the accuracy of your shot.

Follow Through

  • ALWAYS follow through after each shot.
  • Every basketball shooting coach worth their salt will tell you that the follow through is one of the most important aspects of shooting a basketball.

There you have it!

Always remember the BEEF Formula while you are shooting free throws and you will become a much better free throw shooter.

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