Prolific Shooting Review


  • Taylor Allan

Program Price:

  • $67


  • Become a deadly shooter and scorer on the basketball court in just 16 weeks.
  • 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

What You Get:

The entire 8 module Prolific Shooting package, including:

  1. Prolific Shooting Exposed (DVD + manual).
  2. Unstoppable Scoring Moves (DVD + manual).
  3. How To Shoot 95% from the Free Throw Line (DVD + manual).
  4. The Lost Tapes (DVD + manual).
  5. The Gym Swipe File (PDF manuals).
  6. The Youth Program (DVD + manual).
  7. Prolific Shooting Coaching Call (mp3)
  8. In-Season Domination (DVD + manual).

If you upgrade and get the ELITE edition of the program, you also get:

  • One-on-One VIP Email Consultation (personal access to Taylor Allan).
  • The Daily Drills Sequence (DVD and poster printout).
  • Unbreakable Ankles (DVD and manual).
  • ELITE Inner Circle Vault (DVDs, mp3s, and manuals).

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Prolific Shooting Review:

Prolific Shooting is a basketball shooting program by Taylor Allan.

Taylor is a highly respected basketball trainer and the author of best-selling training programs like Scoring Secrets, Dominate On Defense, and Ball Handling Mastery.

Program Content:

Taylor is regarded as the foremost authority when it comes to basketball shooting.

If you have watched any of his videos in the past, his ideas and techniques are cutting edge, different, and highly effective.

According to Taylor, the typical “pure shooter” is dead in today’s game as players continue getting more and more athletic.

We have to learn to become a prolific shooter, to have a lightning quick release, unlimited range, and the ability to create space for ourselves to get shots off.

I learned from the program that most “pure” shooters are only focusing on one aspect of their shooting ability, which is why they aren’t successful anymore.

We have to focus on all 5 aspects of our shooting ability in order to really become a dominant shooter.

That is why the program has 8 components, because Taylor doesn’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to shooting.

Elite Upgrade…

I really enjoyed all of the Elite edition bonuses, but I think the best one is the one-on-one VIP email consultation, because you get personal access to Taylor.

This alone is worth the entire price of the program, because you are getting personal access to one of the top basketball trainers in the world.


Because several athletes pay Taylor a significant fee for coaching, and YOU get to learn all of his most advanced training principles for a tiny fraction of the cost.

What I Disliked About The Program

I didn’t really “dislike” anything about the program.

One thing I would warn players about, however, is the size of the 8 component package. It is very in depth, and no stone is left unturned.

You will truly have to dedicate some time to going through it and learning all of the principles (probably a few hours at least, if you’re fast).

It isn’t one of those basic 50 page e-books where you can skim through it in 15 minutes.

Personally, I like this because I want to have all the tools I need to succeed as a player. I think most players would feel the same way.

While the size of the package may scare some players off, it is a welcome breath of fresh air for those who are serious and really want to succeed.


Prolific Shooting really is an incredible program.

It will teach you not only to shoot correctly, but to score more points as a basketball player.

It is different from anything I’ve seen in the basketball training community.

I can confidently say that when you follow the 16 week program and do exactly what Taylor teaches, you will be one of the most dangerous shooters around.

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Have You Used The Prolific Shooting Program Before?

If you have trained with the Prolific Shooting program before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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27 Responses to “Prolific Shooting Review”

  1. adam fox Says:

    is there any recurring fees after you buy the program? Also how much does it cost including the elite bonuses


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Adam. There are no recurring fees, and you don’t have to get the elite bonuses if you don’t want to. Check the video above for all the details.


    • Conor Says:

      There are no recurring fees w/ Taylor Allen’s program (I have it). But it’s 67 bucks which is kind of a lot for something that is just online and won’t be shipped or anything.


  2. Sam Says:

    I’m using the program right now. It works wonders. I’m on the 3rd phase and it has transformed my shot. My range has gone back to 23 feet consistently now, which is great considering I was not even a descent 3 point shooter before. Plus it has completely bolstered my mid-range game. I can’t wait until I finish and I am the best shooter I can be.


  3. Mario Says:

    Hey where can I buy this because I already watched the video and I tried too buy it but my computer froze so is there any way I can go straight to buying it without watching the video again?


  4. harry Says:

    Will this teach me how to beat my defender in full court man even if my handles aren’t really good and fast


    • Dan Says:

      Prolific teaching won’t teach you how to improve your handles, but it will teach you to become a great shooter. If you want better handles, check out Ball Handling Mastery. It’s the best program for handles in my opinion.


  5. jepy Says:

    if you buy prolific shooting programs will you have to buy scoring secrets to be a deadly scorer


  6. JJ Says:

    Dan, What is the difference between this and prolific shooting reloaded, and which one do you suggest?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey JJ. Prolific Shooting Reloaded is the same program with a few updates. Taylor doesn’t sell the original Prolific Shooting program anymore. If you buy through the website found in the page above, you actually get Prolific Shooting Reloaded. I just haven’t updated the title of the page yet.


  7. joe Says:

    when you order prolific shooting for $67 do all the dvds and manuals come to your house in the mail or do you just get acsess to a website thing?


  8. joe Says:

    so does it give you like a specific workout plan on what to do everyday for 16 weeks?


  9. Alex Says:

    Hey Dan, I’ve been following you for a while now and I really value your opinion. With that being said, what do you think about Ball Handling Mastery and Prolific shooting reloaded: Is one better than they other/can they be used together at the same time? (without over training!)


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Alex. Thanks for the feedback man. I have both programs, and I highly recommend both of them. Yes, Taylor designed them to be used at the same time without overtraining (all his programs were designed to work seamlessly with each other). Hope this helps.


  10. Champ Says:

    Hey Dan, once you buy Prolific Shooting, please explain the steps of how this works once you download everything. Can you put the videos on a blank DVD disk so you can watch them on your TV? Do you have to print out everything in order to take it with you to read it? Does this take up alot of storage space?

    One of the drawbacks I have to this is that there is no phone number to contact anyone if there are any issues. Do they have a help desk or something you can get a hold of someone at? Thanks Dan


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Champ. Yes, you can download the videos once you buy the program. There are also workout charts that you can download and print. Taylor also has a a great helpdesk/support system for customers.


  11. Dallas Says:

    Hey im worried about buying it because i dont understand where the dvds and stuff go when you buy it and is there a money back guarentee?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Dallas. No need to worry :-) The DVD’s are “online DVD’s” meaning you will be able to watch them in your Prolific Shooting member’s area. You can also download the DVD’s to your computer and burn them on a disk. There is also a money back guarantee.


  12. Joe Says:

    I can’t wait to get it (even though I’m a good shooter


  13. Joe Says:

    Hey Dan,
    I wanna do the prolific shooting reloaded but my handles are not that good, which one should i do?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Joe. I’d say start with Ball Handling Mastery. Once you complete that, you can always come back to Prolific Shooting Reloaded.


  14. nick Says:

    when will i get it


  15. Clay Butler Says:

    taylor purchased one of your programs went to check it one day an it was removed from my e-mail could u check your records an re e-mail it to me greatly appreciated Clay Butler


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