Lebron James Gets Dunked On By Jordan Crawford and Confiscates The Video

July 8, 2009

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This past Monday, it was reported that LeBron James got dunked on by Jordan Crawford during a pick-up game at ‘Bron’s basketball camp.

Jordan Crawford is a sophomore at Xavier college.

The dunk was apparently NASTY.

LeBron decided to talk to Nike executives and have all the video confiscated from the camp.

You can read the full article from Yahoo! here :

LeBron James Gets Dunked On By Jordan Crawford

I think that this was the wrong move by LeBron.

He was trying to protect his image and avoid embarrasment, but I still disagree.


Because, if he just let it go, the video would have made it to YouTube and other internet sites.

We would have all had a BIG laugh for a while but it would have eventually calmed down.

By confiscating the video, he made the dunk ascend to ‘legendary’ status, because now the WHOLE WORLD wants to see the dunk!

It also does wonders for Crawford’s exposure.

Something tells me the video will find its way to YouTube.

What do you think of this?

Let everyone know by leaving a comment below.

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15 Responses to “Lebron James Gets Dunked On By Jordan Crawford and Confiscates The Video”

  1. Nick Says:

    He wasn’t right about this, it just made it worse for him. Now its gonna be more of a myth, and we all know how myths get. He should have laughed it off, let it get its youtube moment(keyword=moment). Dumb, immature decision. I love you Lebron, but thats two strikes.


  2. Jay Says:

    i really want to see that dunk now


  3. Jesse Says:

    one day before my b-day i really want to see it burn lebron


  4. Jace Says:

    He’s sorry for doin that. Whatta chump.


  5. jmueller Says:

    LeBron, only one word what a sissy, face it there’s so much talent out there he should just release the video and get over himself!! This dunk gives hope to youngsters that look up at players like him because they think that what he does is impossible and its not, all you need is heart training and avoiding injury (Unlike me)!! I wan’t to see this tape and show it to the kids I coach to feed them with hope !!!


  6. Brandon Says:

    I love LeBron and he is amazing, but that just makes him look bad. Everyone has their moments, and the kid probably wouldn’t do it 99 out of 100 times anyways. Hopefully we get to see it so we know what to do to dunk on bigger guys


  7. James Reeves Says:

    LaBron is a jerk!
    We all saw how much of a sore looser he was at the end of his season. He just walked off the court without saying anything to anyone. That puppet is cooler than him. Now he can’t let a youngin that banged on him shine, because it of his KING status. Punk


  8. Jesse Says:

    i have no respect for him now its not a big deal lebron is just a sore loser


  9. Josue' Says:

    I can’t believe Lebron did this. Its not like its the first time he’s been dunked. It happens to everybody eventually. Look at all the people he has dunked on. Lebron is a fabulous player and it would’ve taken nothing away from him, but now by him doing this something will get taken from him (RESPECT). Unbelievable


  10. joey Says:

    oh come on.. I think it is worth while holding that video tape.. look how much hype you guys are makin because of a fuhkin dunk. What a joke. just cuz he dunked on bron.. doesn’t mean SHiT. Who knows. he coulda let him do it. and realized it was that nasty. I dunno. I think a lot of ppl are talkin trash. not to sure why. And sophmore from xavier. he prolly isn’t that much younger, what? 2 years..lol.And I ain’t losin no respect for him. He beat MJ 1 on 1 when he was still in highschool. That tells me something. the kid is sick. gunna be 1 of the best ever. get over it, bron da man. Even though I like Kobe better.



  11. luke Says:

    man that was stupid on his part cause hes talkin shit and not posting it. but he has such a good rep from other things…….
    he shouldnt care if someone saw that vid cause has a good enough rep and like ego that that shouldnt matter, but thats not cool
    he could kick his ass in 1 on 1 any day
    so i dont see why he cares?
    whatever no big deal to me..

    be a man and take it *


  12. Jeff Says:

    Lebron is the best player in the league today as mine time he been dunking on people he would not let us see the video of him getting dunked on like other stars in the NBA haven’t been dunked before


  13. CB Says:

    When I heard that he had Nike take the videos it really confused me because him doing that wasn’t a good look for him :| and he has done way to many great things that would have out weighed thus one event


  14. RT Says:

    I think that it is pathetic that LeBron got Nike to confiscate the video. He thinks it’s ok to dunk on people and he does it so why cant he be the one that gets dunked on for a change?


  15. jt Says:

    lebron is still the best in the nba.


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