LeBron James Getting Dunked On By NBA Players

July 25, 2009

Dunk Videos

(Shout-out to Heyward for giving me the link to this video)

First of all, I want you to know that I have nothing against LeBron James.

In fact, I think he is one of top 2 players in the NBA right now, alongside Kobe Bryant.

After watching this video, I have to give it to LeBron – he ALWAYS goes for the block.

This is a great defensive attitude, because it shows that he wants to make a play… even if it means getting embarrassed by being dunked on.

Which is why I never understood why he had the Jordan Crawford dunk video confiscated.

He had been dunked on before, so it’s wasn’t anything new.

Anyway, I think LeBron needs to be applauded for always going for the block.

What do you think?

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17 Responses to “LeBron James Getting Dunked On By NBA Players”

  1. CJL Says:

    Lebron really skies, does (can he get) his head above the rim … what is his vertical jump measurement?


  2. Corey Says:

    Like was said at the top, Lebron James IS the top player in the league surpassing kobe bryant in the last two years. Lebrons defensive mentality is what catapulted him ablove Kobe, because everyone used to talk about how Kobe wanted to D the best player all the time on the opposite team. As for the dunk, after listening to all the hype and finally seeing it, I wish I had two extra hands so I could give it 4 thumbs down. It was lame and nowhere near one of the best or even good dunks ever. Give it up to Crawford for not shying away from Lebrons defense, but if watch basketball and know about the best dunks you’ll agree this dunk is about a 2 or 3 out of 10..Sorry


  3. Ebony Says:

    Really it’s not something that happens a lot and when you dunk on someone like Lebron James you will go crazy and so will every one else. To me Lebron said to himself it happens. Yeah I got dunked on but I can do it better then he can. So in reality it was just a hot moment in some one else life Lebron isn’t even sweating it.


  4. Josh Says:

    When you play hard D, thats what happens. You can also look up Lebron blocks and he’ll have a whole lot. Thats what sets him apart.



  5. Byron Says:

    Although he gets dunked on LeBron James isu idol and I have his problem if going for the block everytime and although most of the time I get it ,there are other times when I miss and feel like a fool


  6. Joey B Says:

    well boys. He is a point guard.. yet he is one of the only guys contesting these dunkers in the lo post.. that tells u something right there.


  7. Trevor Gillian Doge Says:

    I was amazed to see how many people dunked on Lebron over the season. Lebron has been training for a long time without ever holding back so when a guy like that gets dunked on (even in the NBA) it is devestating for the player. Although it was a shock for that to happen to Lebron, you still notice only the big time players are the ones dunking on him, with names like Danny Granger & Yao Ming there is no wonder Lebron got dunked on so many times. As a matter of fact I still think Lebron is in the top 3 best players in the NBA currently.


  8. j-storm Says:

    This video is pretty neat .Its funny to watch how he reacts after he gets dunked on.


  9. Damon Says:

    Y’all need to stop sackin Lebron…. After all the hype, no, the dunk was not that great, which just makes it worse trying to understand why he would confiscate the video. Public seeing that video would not have set
    Lebron back any, not at all. He’s already set, and among the league’s best, but the one thing it did do was take away from Crawford’s chances of furthering his basketball career (until it leaked of course), which is selfish if you ask me. He’s more worried about his image than hurting the guy’s chances of furthering his career. Immaturity, if you ask me.


  10. Dennis Says:

    i this he confiscated the Crawford video because the kid was in collage and lebron was MVP and he dident want it to be all over the place an he would loose his reputation


  11. CJC Says:

    Joey B your an idiot he isn’t a point guard he’s a small forward.


  12. Andrew Says:

    Ok my man Lebron gets dunked on a few times so wat he could still take any NBA player in a game of 1 on 1 and everyone in the NBA has gotten dunked on before so stop putting so much criticism on him


  13. JJ Says:

    Honestly Jamal Crawfords dunk wasnt even all that good.As a matter a fact that dunk was shit.So im still wondering why he would even confiscate the tape because the dunk was so shitty.I think Lebron is acting real immature.Lebron is one of the best right now, but to all ya KOBE haters, Lebron will not, would not, and never even come close to Kobe’s greatness aight shit!!!!


  14. Jimmy Says:

    maybe he will consficate these videos. he will nver be better than kobe


  15. justin Says:

    Lebron is the best flat out! If you noticed more than 75% of those clips he was running from behind to try an block like he usually does! And Yao Ming? Lebron already has to jump a foot higher just to get to his head!!!!! I bet I can make a video 20 times longer than this one of Lebron dunkin on people! Kobe can score thats it! Nothin else! KOBE IS #2 and LEBRON IS #1!!!


  16. Kaleb Says:

    Lebron is by far the best player in the NBA league. Now, he may never be a micheal Jordan, but why does he have to be the next micheal jordan? Because he is the FIRST Lebron James. That dunked on video was lame it was a simple 2 handed dunk. Lebron always goes for the block, he has such a high defensive mentality this is why he is so highly respected. I love watching lebron play, he plays with everything he has every game.


  17. stephen Says:

    Yeah, i definitely agree with you. Lebron loves to play D and she blocks shots. Any shot blocker will tell you that you go for a lot more blocks than you get. It’s that simple. Sometimes you miss and gets dunked on. Oh well, it happens. It’s like when someone gets crossed over. They played hard defense and they were probably the only person willing to do it. Then they get made fun of or laughed at for doing something that nobody else was willing to do. Yeah, it looks nasty when it happens. But it happens and defense is a job that has to get done by somebody.


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