Air Up There Dominating The NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown

October 16, 2009

Slam Dunk Contests

The Air Up There a.k.a Mr. 720 (for his famous 720 dunk) is world-class when it comes to dunking.

I’ve personally never seen anyone who can jump higher than him.

He was born Taurian Fontenette, and hails from Hitchcock, Texas.

Just watch how high he gets up almost effortlessly…and the power he packs in each of his dunks.

Easily one of my favorite dunkers of all time, I hope he makes it to the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

If he does, LeBron, Dwight Howard and the rest will be in BIG trouble.

What do you think?

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15 Responses to “Air Up There Dominating The NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown”

  1. kevin Says:

    ummm yea i still think lebron would give him a work out but still. 720 comin out with the trophy


  2. how to jump higher Says:

    Can you make it into the NBA dunking contest without playing in the NBA?


    • Dan Says:

      Yep. They are letting 4 of the Sprite contest winners participate in next year’s NBA dunk contest.


      • Ludwe Mqwati Says:

        that will be really good,Air up the is really nice and got hops I am jealous since I am doing workouts on my jump soles I really want to dunk with all my might.I honestly believe he will give lebron a good challenge because this man really goes up there.I am a short guy though in almost every league I have played in.My wife said I really jump high for my height and the guyz in the league are saying that I am still not satisfied cause I wanna dunk.


  3. ColdVicious Says:

    He makes the goal look like it’s not even 10 feet…. He gets so high with such ease and puts it down so hard… I think he would be good compettion for the NBA’s top dunkers…


  4. nino Says:

    yeah i think he’d beat lebron, but the only person who could compete with him would be vince carter in his prime.


  5. jeff Says:

    i cant wait till 2010 !!!!!!!!!!


  6. Prodigy Says:

    tfb makes carter and lebron look lyk preschool children. i say either air up there, guy dupey, golden child or troy mcray have this one. prefably air up there tho, hiz my fav dunker of all time. I HOPE HE 720Z THAT SHIT!


    • Dan Says:

      I agree. I think it will be between Air Up There and Guy Dupuy. Golden child is great, but he seems to miss his dunks during contests.


  7. tk Says:

    this the best dunker in the world. this guy does dunks like 360 wind mills with ease.amizing


  8. Jimmy Says:

    Is this the nigga that does the 720 in a Youtube video?


  9. caleb lacava Says:

    lebron would kick his A$$ i ean have you seen his dunks he dunks from the foul line.. in a game and he pulled it back like 3ft so its way harder


  10. Bob Says:

    I looked at some of the dunks and i realized that he has to be careful not to hit his head on the rim. Really, when you head is about rim high, imagine how far your arm is above the rim, that is some serious jump. I suggest to some of yall to pause the video when he as at his max height in the jump and look how far off the ground his legs are and then how high his head is.


  11. Jaired Link Says:

    I wonder how the air is being that high up


  12. Prodigy Says:

    lol, i cant believe ppl compared lbj and vince carter to TFB. vince carter wouldnt stand a chance, he just looked good in the air, and dunked on people reeli well. j-rich has a better chance, i meen he’s tfb level. not even tfb tried an off-the-bounce-360-between-the-legs dunk like j-rich did. lets not forget about his off the backboard-between-the-legs as well. vince carter is the BEST at dunking ON people, but dunk contest wise? over 200 people around the world can proabably beet his prime


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