Best Dunk Contest Ever? ESPN City Slam 2008

September 29, 2009

Slam Dunk Contests

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If this doesn’t inspire you to jump higher, nothing will!

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In a few months, you could be dunking like these guys.


  • High Rizer (Marvin Collins)
  • Werm (Brandon Lacue)
  • Easy Jumper (Guy Dupuy)
  • Jus Fly (Justin Darlington)
  • Air Bama (Kareem Ward)
  • Golden Child (Kevin Kemp)
  • Rude Boi (Troy McCray)
  • Rare Air a.k.a Above and Beyond (Wayne Clark)


  • Dee Brown (former NBA player)


  • Kenny ‘Sky’ Walker (former NBA player)
  • David Banner (Producer/Rapper)
  • Darryl Dawkins (former NBA player)


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4 Responses to “Best Dunk Contest Ever? ESPN City Slam 2008”

  1. ebony Says:

    Wow those guys have great dunks wish I could do all of that.

  2. mac72 Says:

    These dunks were off the meter! My son is in the 10th grade,so beware! Coming soon to a gym near you, straight out of Mobile, Al., John L. LeFlore High School!

  3. Steve Says:

    Yes i have a son as well he comes staight out of Casper Wyoming and is going to tear things up for reals so beware even more than anyone else ever, man. Tight, bro. Little Elk High. Represent!