5-foot-11 Jacob Tucker Wins The 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest with his 50 Inch Vertical Jump

May 9, 2011

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Jacob Tucker is a 5’11″ guard from Illinois College, a Division III school.

He wanted to get invited to compete in the Division I dunk contest, so he posted this SICK dunk video on YouTube:

Click here to jump like Jacob.

That video spread like wildfire and he got his invitation…

He then proceeded to absolutely DESTROY the D1 contestants, winning the entire competition with these amazing dunks:

Click here to dunk like Jacob.

This is a true cinderella story.

Jacob also throws down monster dunks DURING GAMES.

Check out his incredible dunks from actual games in the video below:

Click hereif you want to jump like Jacob.

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3 Responses to “5-foot-11 Jacob Tucker Wins The 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest with his 50 Inch Vertical Jump”

  1. Terrill Says:

    Well they’re going to have to get rid of that saying about a certain group of guys not being able to jump. This cat defies Newton’s Law(s) all of em. What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down in his case. He comes down when and on whom he wants to. Amazing!


  2. hamid zamani Says:

    This is amazing. I’m 14 years old, and standing at 6’2”. I can dunk it, ut only with a running start. Is tehre any tips or drills that I could do to help my vertical so I can bang it with two hands, and all that good stuff. I play AAU basketball, and on my rising-freshman team for high school. I really want to do what Jacob can do. It’s amazing!


  3. increase vertical jump Andre Says:

    Jacob Tucker is crazy. Really strong and fast guy!
    Enjoyable to watch


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