5 Common Mistakes Made When Learning How To Jump Higher

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when training to jump higher. Hopefully, it will help you steer away from these potential disasters that could injure you for life:

1. Using ankle weights

You don’t need ankle weights to learn how to jump higher. By using ankle weights, you open yourself up to joint injuries, especially in the knees.

2. Failure To Warm Up

Warming up and stretching properly before training or a game is a great way to minimize the risk of injuries.

3. Training Your Legs Only

Training only your legs is NOT going to help you improve your vertical leap. You need to train your entire body, because jumping involves ALL the muscles in your body, not just your legs.

4. Over-Training

The problem with being too intense about your desire to increase vertical leap is that you might go overboard with your training. There is a problem if you work out too much, and it’s called “burn out.” Don’t overstress your body because it will affect your performance and even your mental alertness. You will find yourself trying too hard and pushing the wrong buttons. Again, it is important that you have an expert to turn to for guidance. Join a gym, get a coach, or buy a good vertical jump program like the Jump Manual.

5. NOT Practicing.

When most athletes start training to jump higher, they focus solely on that and stop training for their sport. Remember, the whole point of vertical jump training is to be able to perform better in your sport. You NEED to keep practicing your sport if you want to get better at it. Just because you increase your vertical jump doesn’t automatically make you a better player.

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