How To Jump Higher by Ignoring The Hype

Do you want to know the secret on how to jump higher? The truth is, there is really no secret.

There are many vertical jump programs online that make ridiculous and unverifiable claims. The best thing you can do when picking a program is to read credible vertical jump program reviews. This is a great method to weed out the wanna-be jump programs from the authentic ones. You should also start participating in forums and blogs where other athletes can give you their honest feedback on the programs they have used.

Ignore for a while the hype you see with most vertical leap programs, and concentrate on the “meat” or essence of what they have to offer. These are some of the characteristics of good vertical jump programs:

  • They lowered body mass and increase muscle tone
  • They focus on improving your power and strength.
  • They contain endurance and agility drills
  • They let you recover adequately between workouts
  • They contain quality information and quality workouts.

If your aim is to learn how to jump higher, you need to learn how to identify the right program for you. Once you pick the program, you need to stick with the program till the end. This is the CRUCIAL, because most athletes never finish any program they start.  They quit as soon as they get sore, tired, or don’t experience instant results. The programs are partly to blame for this, because they promise you instant results, but that is why you need to ignore the hype.

Learning how to jump higher means working out diligently, and not taking any short cuts.

A good vertical jump program will focus on plyometrics, strength training, and core strength muscle development. They will also have good nutrition and rest/recovery plans. An example of a great vertical jump program is the Jump Manual. It has proven to work for thousands of athletes around the world, and it will work for you too.

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