How To Jump Higher With Jump Squats

Jump squats a.k.a. jumping squats, are a great way to increase your vertical jump because they are very

They are a form of a loaded jump (or resisted jumps).

Unfortunately, most athletes fail to do them correctly, and end up with injuries.

This is because they use too much weight while doing the exercise.

So, what is the right weight for loaded jumping?

The best way to determine the weight is to look at it in terms of a percentage of your maximum squat.

A good starting point is to use 10-15% of your maximum squat, and then gradually increase the weight to 25-30%.

This is because the main reason behind loaded jumps is SPEED of movement and not the amount of weight used.

There are many ways to do jump squats.

You can use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, or weight vests.

REMEMBER: Focus on speed and rhythm. You only need to jump a few inches off the ground with each jump.

Here’s a video showing you how to jump higher by doing jump squats with a barbell:

If you want a complete program to take your vertical jump to the next level, get the Jump Manual.

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10 Responses to “How To Jump Higher With Jump Squats”

  1. Jeffery Says:

    Just wondering when doing plyometrics i usually do about 15 reps for box jumps and 30 sec when doing line jumps and jumping back and forth over the bench how many reps should i be doing to increase explosiveness in both my plyo and my weightlifting


  2. popoballer Says:

    nice thank you for everything XD


  3. Alex Says:


    This seems to go against some of the principles from the jump manual. I can believe that it works, but I’ve personally experienced large benifits from using the manual. I know you’ve mentioned speed, but sure lighter weights give you more speed – where’s the optimum?

    Keep the info coming, there’s a lot of great stuff I’ve learnt from here!




    • Dan Says:

      Hey Alex. Thanks for your feedback. What I’m saying doesn’t go against the principles from the Jump Manual. In fact, it aligns perfectly with them. Weight training (and plyos) should form the core of your workouts, but you should also include exercises like jump squats to build up other components of your jump :-)


      • Brenden Says:

        hey dan.
        yes i agree with dan alex it fits perfect stick lighter but speed it up and slowly increase the weight u lift thats wat ive done and now i can almost slam dunk from 3point line so keep it up alex.




  4. Drew Says:

    I’m just one week in my jump manual and I got 2 inches. The main benefit for me is really the explosion of my first step. And I don’t have to waste so many dribble one subtle move I’m already past my guy. And I go for a layup. Also I notice that sometimes I lose the ball coz my driblle has yet to catch up with my new explosiveness. I keep ballin too so my skills are matching the timing of my explosiveness imagine 10 more weeks then I should be dunking


  5. Jamaal Says:

    Dear Dan I was tryin out deadlifts for the first after watching the video for how to deadlift and I have a problem the bar keeps slipping out my hands even though its no where near heavy on my legs. What should I do?


  6. Johnny Says:

    Why not go for maximal height?


  7. JD Says:

    I’ve been to one of Coach Burgener’s Oly Lifting seminars and he demonstrated this drill for us (or had some sucker demo it I should say). It’s a great drill but very intense and as he says, should be done well out of season. He does it with his high school football players but not during the actual season because it thoroughly nukes your legs and takes quite a bit of time to recover from. Just a heads up.


  8. Marget Berkshire Says:

    What a great post! Please post more about kettlebells they are my new fitness passion!See you


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