The terms ‘plyometrics’ and ‘plyometric training’ are the most overused and misunderstood terms in the sports training world.

The majority of information available on plyometrics is outdated and downright WRONG, and this has resulted in several athletes getting injured while performing plyometric drills and exercises.

These articles will show you everything you need to know about plyometrics, and how to CORRECTLY incorporate them into your workouts to dramatically improve your vertical jump.

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7 Responses to “Plyometrics”

  1. marlon Says:

    please show me how to execute and what are the best plyo metric exercises to increase a vertical jump.



  2. Stunner Says:

    Shoulder, calf, hamstring, and abdominal exersices eg press up clap, skippin, jumping up steps and fast weightlifting exersices targeting those particular musceles



  3. Adam Says:

    Dan, what does it mean that plyometrics train you CNS? I thought your central nervous system was your brain and spinal cord…

    Does that have to do with training your fast twitch muscle fibers? I’m confused.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Adam.

      Yeah you are right about the CNS being the brain and spinal cord.

      I won’t get too technical about how the human brain & body works, but plyometrics basically train your CNS to operate more efficiently under strenuous activities (like jumping).

      The CNS controls (among other things) the muscle contraction process of the body.

      Each time you jump, there are several signals that are triggered in your cells, which are all controlled by the CNS.

      When you do plyometric drills, the CNS becomes better and more efficient at dealing with these signals.

      This lets your muscles contract more powerfully when jumping, thereby increasing your vertical jump.


  4. Murphy Says:

    would you recommend coupling both the plyo’s and weight’s as a training programme. Example; between a set of bench work out medicine ball chest pass’s



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