The Embarrassing Truth About Most Athletes…

October 6, 2010

Speed Training

Today, I’m going to tell you the embarrassing truth about most athletes (including me, and most likely, you too)..

Here’s the embarrassing fact:

Most athletes don’t get ANY significant results with training programs.

Yup, it’s true.

Most athletes buy tons of training programs, but when all is said and done, they have NOTHING to show for it.

Did you know that most athletes (80-90%) NEVER finish any program they start?

Even worse, did you know that most athletes never even START programs they buy, and just let them gather dust on the shelf?

Let me tell you an embarrassing story about me…

My Embarrassing Story

Like most basketball players, I’ve always been obsessed with jumping higher.

Between the ages of 12 to 17, I bought tons of vertical jump programs and other strength building programs.

I was also always on the lookout for free programs on the internet.

To be honest with you, between the ages of 12 and 17, I think I did every single program in the market.

In fact, I literally cannot remember a time when I wasn’t doing some kind of program.

I remember bragging to my friends and teammates, telling them to watch out because in a few months, I would be dunking all over them.

But for some reason, something always seemed to go wrong, and I was never able to get any decent results.

Sometimes, I would get so intense in my training that I would over-train, injure myself, and not be able to finish the program.

At other times, I would lose motivation and stop doing the program altogether, because I didn’t the see quick results that were promised to me by the program.

And the worst of all…

I would train for months and finish the entire program, but I STILL wouldn’t get any results.

To add insult to injury, I would always read these testimonials from athletes who were getting incredible results with the EXACT SAME programs I had failed with!

I was angry and embarrassed…

My teammates were always making fun of me, and my parents were always complaining about spending too much money on programs (they usually chipped in, especially when I was still too young to have a job or when I ran out of my savings).

I couldn’t believe that I’d spent all this money, time, and energy… and STILL had nothing to show for it.

At one point, I started believing that there was something wrong with me…that it was genetically impossible for me to jump higher or something.

Fortunately (as you already know), I was able to figure it out, get a 40 inch vertical, and play college basketball…

So What The Heck Does This Have To Do With You?

The reason why I told you my story is because I know you can relate to it.

…and today, I’m going to tell you how you can finally “turn it around” just like I did.

I’m also going to show you a way to get free access to all the strategies I used to finally start getting awesome results with programs.

If you follow these strategies, you will also start getting maximum results from any program you do…and finally start getting testimonial-worthy results!

How To Get Maximum Results From ANY Program In Minimum Time

I’ve decided to do a special video training with my good friend (and speed training expert), Alex Maroko.

It’s called: “The ONLY Way To Guarantee Your Success As An Athlete“.

In this video, we will reveal the system we discovered ourselves years ago that always allowed us (and soon you!) to get maximum results from any program.

Alex is just like you and me…He was dead slow, had a low vertical jump, and failed with several different programs when he first started training.

After years of trial and error, he finally cracked the code to become a super-quick athlete and achieve his dream of playing college basketball.

In this special video training, you will discover:

  • The ONE thing every serious athlete has that all but GUARANTEES they’re going to succeed (if you don’t have this one thing — you are missing out on at least half of your results. And that’s not hype — that’s TRUTH. Think about it…HALF of your results).
  • A simple little trick psychologists discovered not too long ago that you can use to literally “trick” your brain to always be motivated, focused and confident.
  • The 3 BIGGEST mistakes 97% of athletes make with their training programs that usually lead to failure and burnout (and all 3 solutions to AVOID these mistakes)

Now, I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the “buzz” about Alex’s brand-new Truth About Quickness 2.0 (TAQ 2.0) program that he is launching at a special discount next Tuesday.

Because of this, we both realized that it’s PERFECT TIMING to make this special training video available to you as a free bonus when you buy TAQ 2.0

This special bonus will ONLY be available to my subscribers.

Here’s how claim your free special bonus:

When TAQ 2.0 is finally released next Tuesday (at the special Launch-Only Discount Price), you pick it up through my email link (I’ll be sure to email you that day with the link).

Then, after you pick up TAQ 2.0 through my link, I’ll be able to track your email and ¬†send you all the info you’ll need to be able to get in on this private video presentation:

The ONLY Way To Guarantee Your Success As An Athlete“.

This is going to be HUGE.

Not only will this exclusive bonus help you get some amazing results with TAQ 2.0, it will also help you get maximum results from ANY other program you already have or plan to get in the future..

I’ll send you more details later this week.

Talk soon,


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