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5-foot-11 Jacob Tucker Wins The 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest with his 50 Inch Vertical Jump

May 9, 2011


Jacob Tucker is a 5’11″ guard from Illinois College, a Division III school.

He wanted to get invited to compete in the Division I dunk contest, so he posted this SICK dunk video on YouTube:

Click here to jump like Jacob.

That video spread like wildfire and he got his invitation…

He then proceeded to absolutely DESTROY the D1 contestants, winning the entire competition with these amazing dunks:

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Alan Barch Jr. Breaks Vertical Jump World Record

September 6, 2009


Alan Barch Jr. is a 5’9″ athletic trainer who recently recorded the world’s first OFFICIAL
50 inch vertical jump.

This has to be the highest vertical jump ever recorded.

Many athletes have been RUMORED to have a 50 inch vertical leap, but they have never bothered to get tested.

Alan is the first who has OFFICIALLY been tested and measured.

It’s amazing to see how high he gets off the ground.

Here are the official results of his test:

Height: 5’9″

Standing reach: 7 feet 5.5 inches

Standing vertical jump: 50 inches

Running vertical jump: 54.5 inches

If this doesn’t inspire you to train harder, nothing will!

So if you want to take your vertical to the next level, read my review of the
best vertical jump programs right now.

Pick the one that best suits you, and follow it to the T (my favorite vertical jump program is the Jump Manual).

Challenge yourself to see how close you can get to Alan’s incredible feat.

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