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Cal State Fullerton’s Gerard Anderson Jumps OVER His Defender For An Amazing Dunk!

March 23, 2010



Now that’s how you play defense, and that’s how to dunk!

He practically cleared the defenders head and flushed it down.

This dunk video made my day, hopefully it makes yours too :-)

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Khadour Ziani Displaying His Incredible 50+ Inch Vertical Jump

September 4, 2009

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Khadour Ziani is a 5′ 10″ French dunker (originally from Algeria) rumored to have a 56 inch vertical jump.

I don’t know if he can jump that high, but he is one of my favorite dunkers of all time (gotta rep for the short guys).

He has some pretty SICK dunks, especially when he jumps off one foot.

His signature dunk is a 360 off one foot, and he is also famous for his ability to KICK the rim.

Let me know what you think of his dunks by leaving a comment below.

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