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Free Body Weight Program That Only Takes 15-30 Mins Per Workout Reveals How To Jump Higher by Improving Your Stability, Strength, and Explosiveness

April 14, 2011


Hello Vertical jump zone readers!

This is Jacob Hiller, and I’m writing to you from Rwanda.

Recently I was training with a professional team here, and they have some real beasts out here!

The court we were training on had all the rims highered to 10’6” because they had been ripped down to many times.  But… they were still dunking on them.

The coach had invited me in to help the team do some strength training despite the fact that they didn’t have regular access to a great weight room.

This wasn’t a problem as I often help teams use bodyweight exercises to build stability, strength and explosiveness.

Before starting the session I asked the team who was their highest jumper, and they point to strong looking guard (6’4”) from the Congo; Mike…


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How To Jump Higher by Improving Your Vertical Jump Form

January 30, 2010


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In this video, you will learn how to jump higher by improving your form in 6 simple steps.

Many athletes don’t realize the importance of their vertical jump form when jumping.

Most athletes have really bad form, which robs them of several inches when they jump.

Implement what you learn in this video, and you will notice a difference the next time you jump.

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4 Principles To Build Muscle, Jump Higher and Dominate Your Sport

January 19, 2010


One of the best ways to be better at your sport is simply to be stronger.

Almost all sports require some form of weight lifting because as the sports get more and more competitive, every athlete is looking for that edge to be the best.

I remember Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James, are incredibly strong guys.

You can tell just by looking at them.

Sure, conditioning, drills, and isometric training have their places in your training regimen, but to really become a stronger athlete, nothing beats good old fashion weight lifting.


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How To Jump Higher While Getting Ripped, Six Pack Abs

November 17, 2009


This abs training video was made by my boy Mitch.

We went to the same college, and I frequently ran into him at the gym.

In fact, this video was shot in the very same gym I used to train in…

I remember Mitch being the go-to-guy at the gym, always helping others train and blast through their plateaus.

He is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to weight training, and I always turn to him for advice.

If you are tired of your current ab training workout and aren’t seeing good results with it, try his advanced ab exercises.

They will work to strengthen your core, give you six pack abs, and help you jump higher.

To learn more about him, check out his website: www.FitWithMitch.com

If you want a complete program to take your vertical jump to the next level, check out the Jump Manual.

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Every Secret On How To Jump Higher Revealed

May 14, 2009


Hi, and welcome to Vertical Jump Zone, the internet’s premiere vertical jump website.

A great vertical jump is key to your success as an athlete, no matter which sport you play. Therefore, you should always be striving to increase your vertical jump.

On this website, you will find everything you need to know about how to jump higher and increase your vertical.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner in jump training or you’re advanced and have been training for years.

We will help you increase your vertical leap even though you’ve failed with other programs before.

There are so make hyped up vertical jump programs that don’t work, and we will tell you exactly which ones will work for you.

You can trust our vertical leap program reviews because they are unbiased.

If you like this site, feel free to tell your friends about it.

Okay, let your journey to achieving your athletic goals and dreams begin!

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