Backpacking In Guatemala : Tarantulas, Temples, and An Amazing Adventure

March 12, 2010


Tarantula in Tikal

Playing with a GIANT tarantula in Tikal, Guatemala


One of my goals this year is to connect with you (my valued reader) on a more personal level.

I constantly get emails that sound something like this:

“So Dan, you run a great blog and everything, and thanks for helping me jump higher, but other than talk about training stuff, what do you actually do?”

Well, this blog post will begin to answer that question, and you’ll be seeing more of my personal life on the blog…

One thing I LOVE to do is travel, especially backpacking, or flashpacking as it’s now called.

I just call it traveling light and sexy :-)

It’s just me, my backpack, and my friends, going on an amazing adventure…

We usually just pick a cool country we want to visit, do some research of what to do while we are there, pack our backpacks, and bizzounce! (that’s “bounce” if you’re not hip to my lingo).

I recently took a trip to the beautiful country of Guatemala.

It was my most fun and breathtaking trip to date…

Guatemala is a country located in Central America, right below Mexico.

It also borders Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Map of Central America

Map of Central America

We visited the ancient Mayan Ruins in Tikal, the beautiful pools of Semuk Champey, and practically drove around the whole country in the middle of the night in a small van with a HUGE sign on it that said “TURISMO” or “TOURIST”.

tourist van

This was NOT cool, because you’re practically letting everyone know that you’re a tourist.

In other words:

Please Come And Rob Me, I’m A Clueless Tourist!

Thankfully, we managed to get through the trip without any incidents.

…and between terribly screwing up my gastro-intestinal climate and ‘blowing up’ bathrooms all around Guatemala (codename Dump of Death), we managed to have an amazing adventure without any major incidents!

The breathtaking scenery is impossible to put in words, so enjoy the pics instead:

Destination #1: Guatemala City

Casa Chapina restaurant

Having dinner at Casa Chapina restaurant in Guatemala city

Destination #2: The Mayan Ruins In Tikal

Bird's eye view of Tikal

Bird's eye view of Tikal

Tikal temple

Can you see me?

Mayan Ruins

Another great shot of the temples

Temple 1

The famous Temple 1: they used to sacrifice humans at the top

Tikal Temple 1

Another great shot of Temple 1

Tikal Temple 5

Temple 5

Tikal Temple 5

Climbing Temple 5 - it was mad scary

Destination #3: El Remate

Le Casa De Don David

Chillin' in a hammock @ Le Casa De Don David

El Remate sunset

El Remate sunset

Destination #4: Semuk Champey

road to Semuk Champey

On the road to Semuk Champey

El Portal Hotel

El Portal: The ho(s)tel we stayed at

Semuk Champey

Aerial view of the Semuk Champey pools

Semuk Champey pools

These rocks REALLY hurt your feet

semuk champey falls


semuk champey pools

Look ma, no hands!

Swimming in Semuk Champey

Taking a HUGE jump into the water

Semuk Champey diving

Underwater shenanigans: acting a fool underwater!

Semuk Champey waterfalls

A BIG thanks to Stacey for taking these amazing pics!

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12 Responses to “Backpacking In Guatemala : Tarantulas, Temples, and An Amazing Adventure”

  1. Terrill Wyche Says:

    Now this is good living. I’m not living right,bro.


  2. Ross Says:

    Looks like a great trip. You’ve made me want to visit


  3. JD Says:

    Why did you say go as a group?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey JD. I say it’s better to go as a group because it is safer that way. There’s quite a bit of crime there. It’s also more fun to go as a group :-)


  4. popoballer Says:

    lol nice pic. now you made me want to go :)


  5. Dereck Says:

    You should visit Panama as your next stop. Its amazing. Im from there and I can tell you, you will NEVER forget it


  6. jumping stilt Says:

    A backpacker packs all of his or her gear into a backpack. This gear must include food, water, and shelter, or the means to obtain them, but very little else, and often in a more compact and simpler form than one would use for stationary camping


  7. Manuel Says:

    Im adventure guide, and i guide all around Guatemala and i think you saw the best part of our country!! well done.


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