Air Alert Reviews

The Truth About Air Alert

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  • TMT Sports

Program Price:

  • $25 plus shipping & handling ($5 US/Canada)


  • 1 pair of Court Controllers™
  • This is a device worn on the face to improve
    dribbling by preventing you from looking down.


  • Jump 8 to 14 inches higher in 15 weeks or get a full refund.

What You Get:

  • Air Alert training DVD (33 mins) – in both English and Spanish.
  • Air Alert training manual (43 pages).
  • Air Alert workout chart.
  • Air Alert Advanced workout chart.
  • Air Alert progress & measurement charts.
  • Wei-Wu-Wei focus program.
  • 1 pair of Court Controllers™

Program Review:

Air Alert touts itself as being the best vertical jump program on the planet.

This is a pretty big statement, considering that many athletes, coaches and trainers do not like the program.

So, does it work or not?

Read on to find out the truth…

The History Of Air Alert

Air Alert is the oldest vertical jump program on the market.

The first version of the program (Air Alert I), was created in 1991 by TMT sports.

The program was hugely successful and became extremely popular to athletes around the world.

The primary reason is because it was the first program of its kind, and it also guaranteed that you would increase your vertical jump by 8-14 inches or you would get your money back.

Several upgrades followed over the years: Air Alert 2, Air Alert 3, and the latest version is Air Alert 4.

Does Air Alert Work?

I will get straight to the point.

For most intermediate to advanced athletes, Air Alert may not work to increase your vertical jump.

However, it may work if you have little or no vertical jump training experience.

5 Reasons Why Air Alert May Not Work For You

1. Lack of weight training

  • The Air Alert program relies primarily on simple bodyweight exercises i.e. no weight training is included in the program.
  • This is very outdated, considering science has proven the effectiveness of weight training, which is training method of choice for top high school, college, and pro athletes.

2. Leads to overtraining

  • The Air Alert program tells you to do countless repetitions of exercises, claiming that this leads to muscle memory.
  • This is supposed to make your body create a ‘habit’ of jumping, and thereby jump higher.
  • This sounds great in theory, but it’s actually a very ineffective method of training, because it is a surefire recipe for overtraining.

3. Questionable Guarantee

  • We believe that the only people Air Alert may work for are newbie athletes who have little or no experience in vertical jump training.
  • Honestly, almost any kind of training will improve the vertical jump of a newbie, because their muscles are still underdeveloped.
  • That being said, it is still not accurate to claim that the program will increase the vertical jumps of ALL athletes that use it by a minimum of 8-14 inches.
  • You cannot experience such gains in your vertical leap without improving your strength (weight training) and speed (plyometrics).

4. Lack of customization

  • Air Alert has very little customization and is a one-size-fits-all program.
  • No two athletes are the same, and the inability to customize the workouts to your specific needs is NOT what you want in a vertical jump program.

5.  Questionable Endorsements

  • Air Alert is endorsed by two NBA players: Baron Davis and Larry Hughes.
  • Honestly, we find it hard to believe that 2 NBA players, who have access to the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, would still be performing repetitive body weight exercises.
  • Maybe they used air alert when they were in elementary/high school, but it’s hard to believe that they still use it today.


Despite several setbacks, Air Alert has a few good points.

For one, it is very affordable ($25). The package you receive in the mail is also very well put together.

However, this does not mean that you should get the program.

I personally used Air Alert 2 when I was 16 years old in high school, and it resulted in a serious knee injury that made me miss a whole season of basketball.

Several other athletes have complained of the same injuries.

We DO NOT recommend the Air Alert vertical jump program.

Instead, get our #1 ranked vertical jump program by clicking here.

This solid program is scientifically proven to make you jump at least 10 inches higher because it employs a multi-faceted approach to training.

Have You Used Air Alert Before?

If you have trained with Air Alert before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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145 Responses to “Air Alert Reviews”

  1. G Says:

    I have used air alert but had to stop suddenly after 10weeks because of really bad impact injuries to my knees and slightly to my ankles. My mom is a trainer and did not believe in the thousands of reps that involved consistent bouncing for hours, she knew what was going to happen. After stop using it, I do understand that reversibility can occur by having a break from a jump training, but I did not see any real improvements in my vertical jump.
    I have just invested in the jump manual and just after two weeks, I am feeling great with a feel of lighter and bouncier feet.


    • Dan Says:

      I know what you mean G. I got my the same knee problems after 3 weeks of Air Alert when I was 16. It’s great that you are having success with the Jump Manual! Keep us updated on your gains.


  2. C Says:

    I used Air Alert and gained 10 inches on my vertical in 6 months. I loved it.


    • Dan Says:

      Congrats man! It’s good to hear from someone who benefited from Air Alert. Did you have any previous vertical jump training experience?


  3. Alex Says:

    Hey guys,

    I am very confused. Can someone help me out?

    okay. So,i am a very active basketabll player, i have recently started Air Alert. Currently, i am on week 5. With that being said, i have currently gain about 2-3 inches, and i am pretty pleased with the results. According to the rate of vertical gain as described in the AA traning book, i am on pace. I do belive in the science and why AA doesnt work, but i also belive in the results that i am getting. I have no knee problems or anything like that. If i finish the program, will that hurt me in my basketball performance? Someone set this straight for me, please.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Alex. Congrats! I’m glad that you are seeing great results with Air Alert. It usually works well for beginners who have no previous vertical jump training experience. Did you have any previous experience? Keep doing it if it is working for you, but my only advice would be to make sure you work out on a soft surface and recover properly between workouts. Keep us updated on your gains.


  4. Trevor Says:

    You NEED plyometrics to see gains faster than just body weight excersises, it is simply logic, I could go in-depth but I will not. Any ways Dan I have noticed that you comment a lot, I would just like to say, whats with that picture of yours, you look like a helicopter operator with that thing! lol no offence PEACE.


  5. Tyree Garcia Says:

    well idk if air lert helps your vertical b/c my vertical went from 30.9 to 31 but it helped me 2 start dunking at da end of my sophomore year…but i wuz 6’1″ but now im 6’3″ and i can 360 and windmill…im startin air alert again tmw and hopefully get my hops back b/c ive been out of basketball since my season ended. ill tell u the results when im done


  6. College Freshmen Says:

    I finished air alert a couple weeks ago. There were some gains, but definitely not 8-14 inches. If you haven’t done plyometrics before, any program will give you results. If your a consistant athlete, you probably want to do something that includes weight resistance.


  7. Dillon Says:

    I used AA for 8 weeks and received absolutely zero results.


  8. nathan Says:

    I used air alert for 7 weeks and then stopped because i wasn’t getting any results and was getting too fatigued.

    I’ve recently purchased The Jump Manual and after 2 and a half weeks I am already seeing results. And the program makes sense


  9. shaquille Says:

    i tried the air alert and one day i landed wrong then the doctors says i cud of tore something that could of potentially stop me from playing basketball ever again on the day i was so pissed i recommend never to try it.
    I’ m doing the jump manual i have had great results
    I’m 5ft 11 and my standing reach is 7ft 9 before i could just slap the backboard now i can touch the rim, grab the rim i been doing it weeks on and off but now I’m going to do it properly and i have been going gym as well i only stopped cos of year 9 exams in America i think ill be in 8th grade . i just need to get my grip better and get more inches on my vert i should be able 2 dunk in no time.


  10. Dub Says:

    i understand why air alert can hurt your knees etc. but wouldn’t you want to do exercises that would increase your muscle stamina so when you’re trying to jump in the 4th quarter you can jump as high as in the 1st and I’ve had little experience with it but i know that it is a lot of reps which will help with muscle stamina so either way one is going to have to do high rep workouts like air alert provides…right?


  11. joey Says:

    I am 22. I have stoped playin basket ball for 2 years now.. not because I wanted to but because of a reoccurring hernia pain. It all started when I was 17 years old. I was into Air alert then i was on week 8 and found I was having some extreme pain on the very first exercise which i believe then were LEAP UPS. I continueed until my testicle was twice the size of the other.. sorry to gross you guuys out but its the truth. So i went to the doctor. she said I had got a sports hernia. I told her what I was doing. and yes, I was born with 1. but was in the gym doin heavy deadlifts and working on the abs so much because I already knew how much potential jumping power you have in those 2 components. Anywyas the doc told me it was over repetitiveness. and a combo of gravity pulling down on my intestine on impact on the way down from leap ups.I tried to do it again a while after my operation, started at week 1. Guess what. Monster shadow pain in the hernia insicion. anyways, i have had to quit becuase of that program i believe, but i was getting gains even after 2 weeks. take care hope that was useful.


  12. Alex Says:

    Im still a little confused…

    Okay. So i understand that AA has it flaws. I have been playing basketball hard for about a year and a half now. (im only 15) And i have had no plymetric training or weight training for my legs before. I have recently began to lift with my upper body. My question is, what is the smartest dicision for me at this point? I am on week 5 of AA, so should i,

    A) Continue with AA. I have no knee problems or anything, and i have been seeing noticable gains. For example, today, i jumped and i was about 2 inches from touching the metal base part on the rim. (i am 5’3) this overal is about 2-3 inch gain so far. When im done with AA, i will move onto the jump manual.

    or should I,

    B)STOP AA RIGHT NOW, and move on to the jump manual.



    • Dan Says:

      Hey Alex.

      That’s a tricky one, because you are seeing some gains with Air Alert.

      However, in my opinion, I think a 2 inch gain in 5 weeks for someone who has no prior plyometric or strength training experience is too little to keep doing Air Alert.

      I would advice you to stop doing Air Alert, take a full week or two off, and begin Jump Manual.

      You will see much better gains with Jump Manual.

      Good luck, and keep me updated on your progress.


    • Drew Says:

      I tried AA a few years ago and it did work. No lie. I gain I think 6-7 inches. No problem with knees and stuff. But everybody is different. I was explosive but I could not dunk though I was age 28. A little older and abouth 155 to 160 lbs I am 5″7″ and it allowed me to touch the rim just like when I was 20 and lighter at 140. So in essence it allowed me to be young again. And in I played defense it was hard to juke me coz my legs could adjust and keep up just about anybody. And I get lots of rebounds and made my legs very stroung that I could post up guys and just push them out. But when I tried the Jump manual and now I’m 33 and older but I swear in just one day I gained back 2 inches!! Of course this does not mean I get 2 inches per day. I think the jump manual just allowed me to get back what I had once. I did not continue the manual yet coz I was busy with the holidays but I’m excited coz because it has weight exercises with the medicne ball I stronglybelieve that if I just do it I can gain more than AA. I think I can gain 10 inches or more and that’s being 33 yrs old. 5 7″. And around 160 but I will probably lose 10 lbs when I’m done in two months and that will add to the vertical. The thing with jump manual is it combined plyotechniques and weight exercises in the gym and resting and diet is important to keep that newly gained power that it will surely break the natural barriers that we have. Since I am 34 next month my only enemy is soreness. It comes naturally as u age. But surprisingly I am still explosive and fast and quick. But I’m commuted I buy massager a tempurpedic and glutamine to help recover. And to I happen to box to. So maybe that adds to the soreness


  13. Dillon Says:

    AA blows and takes up alot of your time. and i actually enjoyed doing some of the jump manual workouts compared to the borish AA.


  14. johnny Says:

    I have done air alert for 12 weeks and have gained 8″. Can you still gain 8-12″ with jump manual?


  15. Josue' Says:

    Hey all,

    heres two sides to this story and what I recommend

    I have used before and thought that it was pretty good. I didn’t get any injuries from it and I was seeing some decent results, and I never even stayed disciplined enough to do the whole program. The furthest I got was week 12. It has been a while since I have done the air alert program but I still tell people how it worked for me and maybe it could for them too. I never heard of anyone getting injuries from it though. But I do agree that it is very repetitive and it takes up alot of time to do. You will be very fatigued but if no injuries occur and you keep at it I think you will see some decent results. I have recently started the jump manual program and I must say that I am impressed. The way that program is set up and all the knowledge behind it you can’t help but to believe in it. Since I have started it I must say that I do feel alot better after the workouts and it just feels like I am improving my vertical. It makes me feel amazing. I love that I can do the jump manual program as a normal workout. With the air alert program it felt like I had to make time to do it. Overall all I would recommend both programs since I have had no problems with them, but I would highly recommend to jump manual over air alert and probably every other vertical leap program any day.

    Hope this answers your question alex.



  16. sam Says:

    THats fale your are just talk shiting about all programs because you want people to buy yours . I used air alert 4 time no injuries and the four time I gained 8 inches my vertical is 42 inch i do distance jump


    • Dan Says:

      Sam. Congrats on your success with Air Alert. I have never created any vertical jump program for sale. The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller. I just used it and got great results.


      • Darius Says:

        I have not tried any jump exercises yet. I am thinking to get AA because it is half of Jump manual price. I also heard of Mad Hops. Which should I get


  17. Chris Says:

    I’m looking to do Air Alert 4 maybe. Now don’t tell me not to do it, I just want my question answered. Apparently there was a fake air alert workout schedule thing on the internet. Should the real workout say rest in week 8 or 13?


  18. Nick Says:

    Well i have just completed week 4 of Air Alert and have added about 2 inches to my vertical. I want to buy the jump manual but i have no clue what the work outs are like??? any answers?….i mean im not going to buy something i have no clue about


  19. aaron Says:

    Air alert works quite well for me personally. It doesn’t increase your verticle jump by a whole lot but it maximizes your potential. it allows you to strengthen your jump and allowing your repetitive jumping to be as strong as your first therefore it seems as if you have done something. my jump increased 3-4 inches in the first week i quit after that my legs were tired…but besides that my second and third jump was quite strong


  20. Michael Says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I used the new Air Alert IV and have seen terrific results. About 12 inches. And absolutely no pain or injuries. The program does get harder each week but isn’t that expected. The program does work!!!

    Dan, sounds like you’re just trying to make a buck by selling or pushing Jump Manual. I mean seriously, isn’t it an affiliate program. Every criticism I see about Air Alert seems to come from websites that promotes Jump Manual or some other affiliate program. You guys need to grow up and be truthful.


    • Dan Says:


      To begin with, most products IN THE WORLD have affiliate programs, including Air Alert (it’s on

      Also, I have personally used all the programs I review, including Air Alert.

      My job is not to make a quick buck, but to help athletes make the right decisions when it comes to training, because I have a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject.

      I also CARE, and love helping others.

      You can tell from the positive comments I get on the blog, and the personal ‘thank you’ emails I get every day.

      If I didn’t care, I could have easily disapproved your comment, but I did not.

      I used Air Alert II when I was 16 years old, and it BADLY injured my knees.

      I used Air Alert 3 a few years later, and had the same result.

      Once bitten, twice shy, so I didn’t do Air Alert IV, because it’s almost identical to the previous versions.

      Through the years, many of my teammates and other athletes that I’ve coached have experienced similar results using Air Alert.

      Of course, there are a few (like you), who experienced great results with the program, but that was the exception rather than the norm.

      I can only speak from personal experience, and from the experience of the athletes I have coached.

      The Jump Manual has helped me the most, and it is the program that created the breakthrough I needed in my vertical jump after many years of failure.

      It has done the same for many of my athletes.

      I hope this gives you a better understanding of where I’m coming from.

      But I can’t please everybody, so if you still feel that I am ‘untruthful’, please leave my site and unsubscribe from my newsletter.


  21. Michael Says:

    I think it is odd that with all the vertical jump programs out there, Air Alert, Dunknow, The Vertical Project, Jump Manual and various others, you have only 1 complete, comprehensive review and it’s on Air Alert. The JumpSoles don’t count – That was a pathetic review. And to make a claim that Air alert ” won’t increase your vertical”. Are you kidding me?! They’ve been selling it for over 15 years and are still selling it.

    I don’t really care about your newsletter, I just care about the truth. And honestly, you are dishonest when you write false claims against 1 program that clearly has helped hundreds of thousands of athletes all while trying to push other affiliate programs. I would even be willing to state that you have nevered even used the program. And if you did, you probably stole online and did everything wrong.


    • Dan Says:


      I respect your opinion, because everyone is entitled to one.

      This is my website, so I am entitled to my opinion as well.

      Most of my readers agree with my opinion, because if you look at the rest of the comments on this post (and the website in general), a large majority have expressed their dissatisfaction with Air Alert.

      I hope you find what you are looking for on other websites.

      I’m sure there are some sites out there for Air Alert fans like yourself.

      This is NOT one of those sites.


      • hops Says:

        Ye funny how you discredit aa instantly, then, with no explanation, suggest jump manual??? And you tell someone who hasnt seen results in 5 weeks to switch to jump manual??? The program is 15 weeks for a reason. You need to finish the program, take a 4-7 day rest, then check your gains. Air alert clearly says your hops will go up and down throughout the course of the program, because your legs are gassed 90 percent of the time while your on the program. Alot of people get injured and complain of the program being too hard because they clearly arent physically prepared to endure a program like this. You cant go from doing nothing to doing this program. You need to be in shape. Im on week 9, and 1 day a week my legs feel good enough to get decent jumps, but I wont see real results until i get atleast a full week rest. And the high rep approach does make sense:explosive power comes from abundant fast twitch muscle fiber. The only way to train fast twitch is doing lots of reps.
        Air Alert does work, and it will also improve your cardio and will increase your speed significantly, and definately not if you dont have any jump training experience…i donno where u get ur info from


        • Daniel Says:

          Yo, hops do you actually know anything about fast twitch muscle fibres? Here is an easy example to prove you wrong: In the 100m dash an elite male (10.3s>) will take 42- 46 strides to complete the race. Sprinters have a large proportion of fast- twitch muscle fibres ( roughly 84%, compared to 45%-55% for the average human being) so in this example think of each stride as being one rep.
          In a marathon how many strides are taken? Millions and billions i guess. These distance runners have a large proportion of slow- twitch muscle fibres. Again, think of one stride being equivalent to one rep.
          Elite athletes may train 5-6 days a week. For sprinters this means weights, plyos and lots of sprinting short distances ranging from 40 yards to 200m. For marathon runners e.g Paula Radcliffe this involves an average of 300 miles a week.
          Sprinter- 45 strides( reps)
          Distance runner- millions of strides (reps)

          The distance runner takes millions more reps than the sprinter but does that mean they run faster than sprinters? Does it mean they have more fast- twitch muscle fibres? Of course not. The approach of targeting the fast twitch fibres is what jump manual is all about which is why Dan can speak so confidently of this program and politely ridicule Air Alert. He is completely right.


  22. hops Says:

    Also, your review is innacurate. Id say you are the ones who are questionable.


  23. Michael Says:

    Air Alert does work. Check out this article. Or will it be deleted for the 2nd time.


  24. timmy Says:

    why should i do air alert on a soft surface??


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Timmy. It’s to minimize the shock to your knees while training. Working out on hard surfaces places a huge strain on your knees.


  25. Jordan Tiu Says:

    I train until week 15 with it , but it is not effective for me
    2-3 inch is what I gain in this long workout…
    my leg will almost pain when using this workout


  26. dee Says:

    when you say do air alert on a soft surface, what would be some examples of that?


  27. Noel Says:

    How much is the jump manual? can i get a discount?


  28. Ben Says:

    air alert does work. i did it for about 5 weeks when i was 8 or 9 and i gained about 6 inches


    • Daniel Says:

      Dan never said that Air Alert didn’t work. He said that it worked well for BEGINNERS. Funnily enough there are many people who comment saying they have achieved this and that with AA. So why aren’t any of you brave enough to answer his question: Did you have any previous vertical jump training experience? If the answer to this question is no, then that explains why a small handful of people have experienced results with this program.


      • Joe Navy Says:

        I did Air Alert 2 a bit in high school, but never committed to it, with little to no results. But in My freshman year in college i got through the program with great results, about 12 inches, taking my vertical somewhere around 40. I was also quicker laterally and faster. One great advantage to Air Alert is the repetitive jumping. It is an amazing cardio workout as well as jumping exercise. To answer Dan, i had never purchased a vertical program before, but being an All-state distance runner and having played basketball constantly since i was 8 i certainly wasn’t a novice athlete. I do advise doing the program on a semi-soft surface such as gym floors, maybe a really short carpet. I have flat feet so tendonitis has always been an issue for me, but i found this program actually aleviated pain for me by strenghting my quads. To argue that Air Alert causes injury is the same as saying distance running causes injury or typing causes carpel tunnel. If you arent careful any repetitive movement can be harmful. Anyways, I will say that i am intrigued by the Jump Manual and may give it a try, but to say that Air Alert is a bad product or doesnt work for most people i would say is dishonest.


  29. Ivan Says:

    Whell I used the air alert program back in high school and gained 12 inches on my vertical but I was really comited. I loved it since I’m only 5’10″ and I was dunking like spud Webb and got third place on a dunk contest. Now I’m 30 and can’t jump for shit my knees hurt what can I do to jump high again


  30. chris niemiec Says:

    ive been using air alert for the past week and im about 6’1 and i was able to dunk only on good days now when i go up i get it everytime i had a two hand dunk to top it off and i was so happy from the results i was getting. another things thats helped me is iceing my knees down after everyworkout for about 20 minuts and thats worked well and helped me with not being slugish the next day, and another was STRETCHING my coaches told me just to stretch to help prevent injueries wile using it and even make me jump higher. so perssonaly im proud about the results ive gotton in just this simple basic week ive done and i thing ive gained atleast 1 inch so far. i cant wait to see whats in store for me in the next 14 weeks


  31. bugflector Says:

    Thanks for the air alert and all the comment under it are very impressive, Dan can you please tell me where to get this, like a website to order for it. Thanks.


  32. matthew Says:

    I just had a thought. While I respect the opinion of Dan a lot, I was just wondering how apart from injury anyone could quit the program and whine about not getting results. If you stop 8 weeks through a 15 week program, I really don’t think that you have any room to complain. I mean who knows what kind of result’s the second half would program would have produced? Doe’s anyone else feel that way??


  33. Christian G Says:

    Hello sir…Im just a recreational player that want to improve on my overall skill set which includes jumping. I believe that when u jump pretty high, your overall game can skyrocket. Although I am not in the best physical shape just yet. About 20 more pounds to lose. Should i start the Jump manual program or wait until i lose those 20 pounds?? Stupid question huh….but please help….


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Christian. It’s actually a pretty good question that I get all the time. I believe you should get started with the Jump Manual. The workouts are pretty intense, and they will help you lose the weight too (although I can’t guarantee how much).


  34. Jaber Moe Says:

    I did air alert for 10 WEEKSSSS and i only gained 3 inches. Not only was it a waste of time, but a waste of energy and money. I definitely regret doing air alert.


  35. jd Says:

    air alert works i have been using it for 3 weeks and gained 3 inchs on my vert im 5’10” and could jump pretty well already i couldnt dunk but i wuz close to it now i can dunk any given day i think people who are getting injuried from this program is not doing it right probaly doing the progam one day and the next day playing basketball when ur suppost to wait 48 hours or not waiting the 2 min after a rep over working ur leg muscle the ones that recive none or 2-3 inces after 15 weeks are slackers there not going hard and not recivieing results because of it.

    All the injuries are the ones that dont listen so eager for results that they dont follow simple directions


  36. W Says:

    hey i did air alert for 4 weeks, before i did it i could just dunk with two hands and not doing anything spectacular but after doing it i can now throw the ball off the backboard and dunk with two hands and alley oops are alot easier now


  37. jay Says:

    I am a white 16 year old, 6ft with a 7ft10 standing reach, i have been playing basketball for about 3 – 4 years and have never done a jump program before, i have done many leg exercises such as heel raises and squats in order to strengthen my legs however i haven’t done an actual jump program. I used to be able to get my fingertips onto the rim however i started to work out my upper body and then my jump decreased, and i could only scrape the bottom of the rim.
    I decided to do Air Alert to improve my jump as i managed 2 get my hands onto it free,
    I am currently into week 10 of air alert and i haven’t seen much gain, maybe 1 inch. I am still wondering, am i not seeing gains because my legs are still not fully recovered (as i haven’t finished the full 15 weeks) or is Air Alert just not working?


  38. Joe Navy Says:

    Jay, if you arent seeing any kind of results 10 weeks in, it might now be working for you. I will say though that it worked best for me when i was playing a lot of basketball and doing a lot of jumping at the rim. Just doing the exercises weren’t good enough, i had to be doing explosive jumps at least a couple of times a week. When i started playing indoor volleyball in college, which is nothing but jumping, while doing AA again my vertical got another boost. If you are doing that and still not getting anything then maybe your body physiology just doesnt match up with AA and you might want to try one of the other jump programs out there. Also i would worry less about your standing vertical and more about how high you are getting with a short approach. There arent a lot of sports movements that need you to jump straight up with no take-off. Even rebounding you usually get a step or two.


  39. Jacob Says:

    The debate/criticism about Air Alert doesn’t have to be subjective, it can be criticized from a scientific point of view. It has potential of doing basically 4 things. 1. Increasing stiffness of involved tendons… this will typically happen at the beginning when the number of repetitions are somewhat reasonable and will allow enough recovery. 2. Injury of the tendons… very common with a routine that recommends literally thousands of repetitions and little recovery. This is a recipe for injury. 3. Teach sub maximal vertical jump movements and coordination… for many people this is an improvement from VERY low coordination, but it will plateau very quickly. 4. Cardio vascular endurance… This is quite true, but if you’re looking to increase your jumping height a cardiovascular program isn’t the best route.

    I hate to bash programs, but too many young kids have wasted the little money they had on something that was going to deliver very little, and is likely to cause injury.

    If you have little plyometric ability, low strength, and poor coordination. You may get several inches from this program, but it will the plateau FOREVER, unless appropriate increases in strength are introduces, as well as more emphasis on maximally contracting the muscles rather than pacing them during a cardiovascular based training. No amount of excess repetition can compensate for lack of strength, and lack of ability to maximally contract the muscles in a short burst.

    If anyone has any gripes with what Dan is explaining, it would be better to disagree about specific points rather than just disagree.


    • mike Says:

      hey Jacob I went to your jumpmanual website and I got pretty interested in it. Right now i’m doing air alert and so far i’ve gained 3 inches in 4 weeks. I’m about 5’4, 135 pounds and i’m in grade 9 do you think your program would give better and faster results then air alert.


  40. Joe Says:

    I’m getting a little sick of reading all these negative comments about a great vertical jump program from Dan and how he says that the Jump Manual is so great. Just a little information. Jump Manual and The Vertical Jump Guide are exactly, and I mean exactly, to the T the same. It’s the same in the way it’s written and the workout is identical. It’s the same program.

    So a question I ask is who really wrote these two programs? Sounds like the people who claim to have written Jump Manual and The Vertical Jump Guide purchased this program from some service.

    Quit scamming people!! Be honest.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Joe. What is the Vertical Jump Guide? I’ve not heard of it. Please post a link to it here. If it contains the exact workouts from the Jump Manual, it will be a copyright violation.


      • Joe Says: I don’t believe this is a copyright violation. I believe Jump Manual and Vertical Jump Guide was purchased these programs from a service and put their names on them. I mean the 2 websites are so similar that they probably came from the same group. Pretty fishy if you ask me.


  41. Andrew Says:

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on Air Alert. I bought this for my son about 2 years ago (he was 15 at the time) because he needed a little boost in his game. He was jumping around the house trying to improve his jump and got to where he could dunk a tennis ball. He was 5’10″ at the time. He started the program and in the end he ended up gaining about 9 more inches on his jumping ability. And he had absolutely no knee pain whatsoever. In fact he felt better after games because his legs were toned and tight.

    As far as all this “overtraining” and “countless” number of reps or “thousands” of reps, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I don’t recall thousands of sets with no rest. Air Alert is only 3 days per week and it only took him at the most 45 minutes in the later weeks. He did more running and jumping in 2 hours of basketball practice. I mean don’t long distance runners do the same thing. And Air Alert has 3 full days of rest.

    It seems a shame that the internet is allowing people to write false claims about such a wonderful program. Sure, it’s not a weight training program but that’s what they preach. They preach natural body weight training and convenience.

    I would recommend Air Alert over any other program on the market. My son completely loved it and I’ve never seen him more motivated to workout. And it is safe. Oh and it increased his speed too.


    • Bo Chen Says:

      i think most people get injuries because they don’t listen through the whole thing. like rest 2-3 minutes between each set stretch before and after the workout.
      nuttrition and 8 hours of sleep


  42. Kevin Says:

    I just got air alert 3 yesterday and i did the exercises. I am about 5’4 and would i get more gains using air alert 3 or air alert 4. Also, will i gain more inches if i repeat the whole program after I finish


  43. Kevin Says:

    Also after the 3 week on average from other people how many inches will i gain


  44. Kelly.Z Says:

    I’m a chinese.I have done the AA for 4 weeks,i ain’t got any result but i didn’t feel pain or injury Either
    I absolutely did what AA told me to do.Is there any potential in my vert by using AA?(My engish is awful but i hope u guys would understand me..)


  45. dhj Says:

    i am about to start week 12 of air alert i feel like i have gained about 4-7 inches. but while reading this i saw a program called verticle jump guide and i wanted to try it. should i?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey. What kind of results have you got with Air Alert? If you’ve been getting good results, I would finish the program first before looking at another one. If you haven’t got good results, rest for a couple of weeks then try a different program (I recommend the Jump Manual or Flying In Four). I have no experience with the Vertical Jump Guide so I can’t give you any feedback on it.


      • mike Says:

        I have done air alert for about 4 week now and only gained 3 inches on my vertical im 5,4, 135 pounds and im in grade 9 should i keep doing this or does jump manual have better and faster results.


        • Joe Says:

          Mike, Are you kidding me? You gained 3 inches in 4 weeks. Air Alert is 15 weeks. You’ll gain 11-14 inches at this pace. Doesn’t Air Alert guarantee 8 to 14 inches? Can’t believe you’re complaining. The body has to progress slowly over time. Air Alert says that I believe. Keep doing what works and quit expecting miracles overnight.


  46. mike Says:

    and i haven’t had any jumping training before


  47. Jake Says:

    Hey Dan or jacob or someone else that can answer my question. OK so im in grade 9 going to grade 10, 140 pounds and about 5’5. I have had previous jump training using Air alert and my vertical stands at 25″ inches. Now I only have 12 weeks before next school basketball season starts. If I use Jump manual for 12 weeks about how much could I GAIN IN MY VERTICAL JUMP.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Jake. I can’t tell you exactly how much you will gain, because everyone is different. All I can tell you is that if you have 12 weeks left to train, the Jump Manual is your best bet to gain the most inches before your season starts. Also, since you don’t have much weight training experience, I believe you will see great results with the Jump Manual.


  48. James Says:

    Hey can someone please help me is it okay to skip one day of air alert because I was doing some running training right before you do air alert.


  49. James Says:

    then could I just do it on the next day?


  50. jamell Says:

    I used air alert at the end of my sophomore year of high school. i only completed 11 weeks, but i gained 13 inches on my verticle. I had previous training as well. The downside is that i am now 24 and still dealing with knee problems due to this strenuous training



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