Freak Jump Technique 3 Review


Freak Jumping Technique 3


  • Adam Linkenauger

Program Price:

  • $67


  • 60 day no-questions asked money back guarantee.

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What Makes This Program Unique?

  • FJT3 gives you instant inches on your vertical jump…without doing any weight training or intense plyometric training.
  • You will learn how to improve ALL 3 of your vertical jump forms (standing vertical, 1 foot vert, and 2 foot vert).

What you Get:

Here is everything you get with the Freak Jumping Technique 3 system:

FJT3: Full 9 week vertical jump program

Freak Jump Technique 3: Final Edition Vertical Jump Program

  • This is a very easy to follow program where every single workout is mapped out for you…step by step, day by day.
  • Each workout takes less than 12 minutes to complete, so you will never overtrain your body.
  • You can therefore integrate FJT3 with all your other activities – team practice, skill training, weight lifting, etc. You can even do it during your sports season.
  • You will unlock your full jumping potential that is currently hidden within you due to incorrect jumping technique.

Workout Logs

Freak Jump Technique 3 workout logs

  • Printable workout logs to keep track of every single workout and chart your progress throughout the program

Instant Inches Vertical Video Series

How to add instant inches to your vertical jump

  • These never before seen videos will help you add “instant inches” to your vertical jump.
  • You will learn how to immediately add inches to all forms of your vertical jump (standing vertical, 1 foot vertical, and 2 foot vertical jumps).

Complete Breakdown: 1 Foot Technique

One foot jumping technique

  • A step-by-step breakdown of the process of jumping off of one foot.
  • You will learn how to reach max height on your jump by focusing on the entire jumping process (approach, takeoff, body control while in the air, and landing safely).

Complete Breakdown: 2 Foot Technique

Two foot jumping technique

  • A step-by-step breakdown of the process of jumping off  two feet.
  • You will learn about each phase of the 2 foot jump: how to properly approach your 2 foot jump, take off, control your body in the air, and land safely.
  • By mastering this process, you will drastically improve your dunking, blocking, and rebounding abilities.

How To Impress In The Standing Vertical Test:  Complete Breakdown

How to ace the standing vertical jump test

  • The most in-depth and detailed standing vertical jump technique training video you will ever watch.
  • This lesson will be taught by Jon Copper (former University of Virginia linebacker).
  • You will learn how to add 3+ inches to your standing vertical by simply stretching one muscle group…along with other tips that will add instant inches to your standing vert.

How To Jump With A Ball In Your Hand

how to jump higher with the ball in your hands

  • It’s one thing to have an impressive vertical jump, but it means nothing if you can’t do it with a ball in your hands.
  • In this training series, Adam will show you how to jump just as high with a ball in your hands as you do without one.
  • If you can only grab the rim now, this will help you start throwing down dunks immediately.

Overspeed Jump Training

Overspeed vertical jump training

  • In this never before seen training regimen, you will learn about a brand new technique called overspeed jump training.
  • You will learn how to speed up your take off amorization phase i.e. the transition between your horizontal force (approach) and vertical force (take off). The faster you can do this, the higher you can jump.
  • Once you master this process, you gains will keep coming…week by week.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Workout

CNS workout

  • CNS training is proven to improve your explosiveness and jumping ability.
  • In this full CNS workout created by FJT trainer Ryan Munsey, you will learn how just a few drills that you can do anytime, anywhere, can add instant inches to your vertical leap and improve your overall explosiveness.

Jump Technique Breakdowns

Video breakdown of jumping and dunking techniques

  • In general, one of the best way to learn is through other people’s mistakes.
  • In this video series, Adam breaks down the jumping (and dunking) technique of over 30+ athletes from all over the world.
  • The wealth of knowledge you will obtain from these videos and apply to your own jumping technique is immeasurable.
  • Adam charges a hefty price for video critiques (and even more for in-person critiques), so getting these for free is a pretty awesome deal.

Pro Dunker Video Breakdowns

Video breakdown of professional dunkers

  • In this module, Adam breaks down the jumping techniques of some of your favorite pro dunkers (e.g. Sprite Slam Dunk Champion Haneef Munir).
  • There is a reason why some pro dunkers can lauch themselves 50+ inches in the air and throw down unbelievably difficult dunks… In this video, Adam will reveal their closely guarded secrets.

The Keys To Vertical Jump Success

The 3 keys to vertical jump success

  • These 3 terms are key to your vertical jump success: Penultimate, M.C.V., and Amortization Training.
  • In this module, you will learn what these 3 terms mean, and discover the best drills to use to improve these areas of your vertical jump.
  • If you can master the penultimate, M.C.V. and Amortization phases of your jumping technique, you are well on your way to become the highest jumper/best dunker in your area.

Arm Training: How To Jump Higher by Training your Arms

How to use your arms to jump higher

  • In this module, you will learn the proper technique of using your arms to explode into the air.
  • Using your arms properly while you jump will help you add inches to your vert.

Jumping and Landing Technique

How to jump and land properly

  • In this module, you will learn how to properly “dorsiflex” your ankles to instantly improve your vertical jump, first step, change of direction, and overall speed.
  • Dorsiflexion will also help you land properly after you jump, minimizing injuries like ankle sprains.

Slam Dunk Technique Breakdown

slam dunk technique breakdown

  • In this video series, Adam breaks down his own dunks.
  • You will learn techniques for basic dunks as well as advanced dunks.
  • If you can only grab the rim now, these videos will help you start throwing down dunks…and if you are only a basic dunker, you will become more elite.

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Freak Jumping Technique 3 Review

Freak Jump Technique 3 is a vertical jump program created by Adam Linkenauger (who also created Freak Scoring Machine).

Adam Linkenauger is one of the most accomplished vertical jump trainers (and coaches) in the world.

Here are some of his credentials:

  • High jump national champion in high school.
  • 7 time ACC high jump champion out of Clemson University.
  • U.S. National Olympic team qualifier.
  • 2009 Powerade dunker of the year, featured on his own commercial on ESPN.
  • Creator of the popular VertFreak program, which has transformed thousands of athletes all over the world.

Being a world-class high jumper, he is an expert when it comes to jumping technique.

Jump technique is something that almost all the other vertical jump programs fail to teach, and I’m glad that someone is finally teaching this stuff, because it’s extremely important.

The only way to maximize your vertical jump is to have great jumping technique, period.

What I Liked About The Program

Here are some of the things I liked about the Freak Jumping Technique 3:

  • It’s the only technique specific program ever made (covers both 1 foot and 2 foot jump technique).
  • It’s the only program that can guarantee instant inches on your vertical leap and actually back it up.
  • It can integrate with any other sports training program, with 0% chance of overtraining.
  • Only takes 12 minutes per workout (and you only need to do it a few times per week).
  • The gains you get from the program remain with you forever (unlike gains from lifting weights, where you have to keep lifting to maintain your strength).

What I Disliked About The Program

The main thing I didn’t like about the program is that it doesn’t include weight training. We all know that weight training is one of the best ways to improve your vertical jump.

With that being said, this is the main point of the program – to focus on technique, NOT weight training.

There are several weight training based vertical jump programs on the market, and Adam wanted to focus on what’s important first.

Once you master the proper jumping technique, you can add your weight training regimen to take your vertical jump to the next level.


I give the Freak Jumping Technique 3 my HIGHEST recommendation.

It’s the only technique specific program in the market that teaches you how to instantly improve your vertical jump.

Adam is also a world class trainer, and the customer support you get is awesome.

You will be in very good hands :-)

The workouts are also short, simple, and VERY effective.

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Have You Used The Freak Jump Technique 3 Program Before?

If you have trained with Freak Jumping Technique 3 before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

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