Freak Jump Technique Reloaded Review


  • Adam Linkenauger

Program Price:

  • $67


  • 60 day no-questions asked money back guarantee.

What you Get:

Freak Jump Technique Reloaded is made up of 3 main phases:

  • Phase 1: Results Now (How to Instantly improve your current vertical jump).
  • Phase 2: Building Blocks (Comprehensive, 8 week training program to add even more inches to your already growing vertical jump).
  • Phase 3: Future Gains (How to keep improving your technique in the months and years to come).

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Here is everything you get with the Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded program:

Module 1: Results Now

  • How to add inches to your vertical jump in minutes, using the methods Adam uses with his Division 1 athletes and private clients.

Module 2: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Explains exactly what to do (and what to avoid) while jumping.

Module 3: Jump Technique Breakdown

  • Dissects jumping technique down to the last detail, and how you can take advantage of this to maximize your vertical jump.

Module 4: Standing Jump Technique

  • How to get a high standing vertical jump (Adam used this technique to post a 44.5 inch standing vertical leap in college)

Module 5: Sports Situational

  • How to properly use your jumping technique in your specific sport.

Module 6: Jump Technique Program

  • 8 week, simple to follow, step-by-step program to take your vertical jump, speed, and explosiveness to the next level.

Module 7: Dunk Technique

  • How to dunk properly (especially if you cannot palm a basketball).

Module 8: Program Integration

  • How  to integrate Freak Jump Technique Reloaded with other sports training programs.

Module 9: Support

  • You get access to a private, customers only forum where you get to ask Adam and his coaches any question you want.
  • You also get to interact with other like-minded athletes that are experiencing the same journey as you.

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Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded Review:

Freak Jump Technique Reloaded is a vertical jump program created by Adam Linkenauger (who also created Freak Scoring Machine).

Adam Linkenauger is one of the most accomplished vertical jump trainers (and coaches) in the world.

Here are some of his credentials:

  • High jump national champion in high school.
  • 7 time ACC high jump champion out of Clemson University.
  • U.S. National Olympic team qualifier.
  • 2009 Powerade dunker of the year, featured on his own commercial on ESPN.
  • Creator of the popular VertFreak program, which has transformed thousands of athletes all over the world.

Being a world-class high jumper, he is an expert when it comes to jumping technique.

Jump technique is something that almost all the other vertical jump programs fail to teach, and I’m glad that someone is finally teaching this stuff, because it’s extremely important.

The only way to maximize your vertical jump is to have great jumping technique, period.

What I Liked About The Program

Here are some of the things I liked about the Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded program:

  • It’s the only technique specific program ever made (covers both 1 foot and 2 foot jump technique).
  • It’s the only program that can guarantee instant inches on your vertical leap and actually back it up.
  • It can integrate with any other sports training program, with 0% chance of overtraining.
  • Only takes 9 minutes per workout (and you only need to do it a few times per week).
  • The gains you get from the program remain with you forever (unlike gains from lifting weights, where you have to keep lifting to maintain your strength).

What I Disliked About The Program

The main thing I didn’t like about the program has to do with the presentation.

Adam is not the most eloquent of speakers :-)

Then again, it’s not really a problem because he is a real athlete and trainer (not some actor or public speaker).

Also, the training videos weren’t exactly in HD, so if you were expecting some Hollywood style edits, you will be disappointed.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the training videos are top notch and contain excellent workouts and info.


I give the Freak Jump Technique Reloaded program my HIGHEST recommendation.

It’s the only technique specific program in the market that teaches you how to drastically improve your vertical jump.

Adam is also a world class trainer, and the customer support you get is awesome.

You will be in very good hands :-)

The workouts are also short, simple, and VERY effective.

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