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How To Get A Free Copy Of The Revolutionary
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Adam Linkenauger is arguably the most qualified vertical jump trainer in the world today.

Here are some of his credentials:

  • Owner of a 50 inch running vertical jump.
  • 7 time ACC high jump champion out of Clemson University.
  • U.S. National Olympic team qualifier.
  • 2009 Powerade dunker of the year, featured on his own commercial on ESPN.

He JUST launched a brand-new vertical jump program called Freak Jumping Technique Reloaded.

This is a revolutionary program because:

  • Adam teaches you how to instantly jump higher by making a few tweaks to your jumping technique.
  • Each workout only takes 9 minutes, and you only need to work out a couple of times per week.
  • You DON’T have to do any heavy lifting or strenuous plyometrics.
  • You just do a few easy drills designed to improve your jumping form/technique, and you gain instant inches.

This sounds too good to be true, and to be honest, I was VERY skeptical at first…


It’s coming from THE Adam Linkenauger, and you CAN’T really argue with proof:

*Note: Last names removed for privacy reasons

Luc went from getting hung to instantly gaining 3 inches and dunking, while Daryl instantly added 5 inches to his vert and dunked for the first time…

David gained 5 inches in 5 minutes…

Dee gained 4 inches instantly after just 1 workout…

Hoe Yean gained 3 inches in 5 minutes!

Bryan added 3 inches instantly (and notice the hater with no name or picture, definitely a fake account!)

As you can see, athletes just like you have instantly increased their vertical jumps by as much as 5 inches in 5 minutes.

In fact, there have been 65 first-time dunkers in just the past week alone, who all credit Adam Linkenauger for helping them throw down their first dunk!

Here’s the very weird part…

All these dunkers didn’t even use the Freak Jump Technique Reloaded program (duh, it hasn’t been released yet).

They did it just from watching the free videos Adam released over the past week, which only contain about 5% of the tips from the full program!

The vertical jump community has literally been “BUZZING” because of these miraculous results.

Everyone is asking themselves the same question (I’m sure you are too):

“If everyone is getting such great results just from the free videos, I wonder what kind of results I can get from the full program?”

The answer to that question is that you will get MUCH better results with the full program.

Here’s Where I’m Hooking You Up BIG Time!

You see, Adam happens to be a very good friend of mine.

He’s always been a big supporter of Vertical Jump Zone, so I asked him if he could do something special just for my subscribers (that’s YOU) to celebrate his launch and make it an absolute no-brainer for you to get his new program and get a “freaky” vertical jump .

Being the cool dude he is, he instantly agreed.

After a few brainstorming phone calls to see what the best bonus was for you, we hit the jackpot.

Introducing The Freak Strength Explosion Program (yours FREE)

We are going to hook you up with a free program called Freak Strength Explosion.

This breakthrough program was created by Adam Linkenauger himself, and it’s designed to go hand-in-hand with Freak Jump Technique Reloaded to form the perfect 1-2 punch to take your vert to the stratosphere!

Here’s how this works:

  • Freak Jump Technique Reloaded will focus on your jumping technique and give you instant inches.
  • Freak Strength Explosion will focus on your strength and explosion, and add even more inches you your vert.

You will do these 2 programs at the same time (they are designed that way), and this will help you make the biggest gains ever!

Mark my words.

If you follow these 2 programs over the next 8 weeks, you WILL be jumping higher than everyone else you know…Guaranteed.

I would usually give you an estimate of how many inches you will gain, but I honestly won’t be doing you justice.

Think about it this way…

If athletes just like you are jumping 5 inches higher in 5 minutes, using just free videos from Adam, imagine how many inches you can gain with Freak Jump Technique Reloaded + Freak Strength Explosion?

Remember, Freak Strength Explosion is a program created by Adam himself, and is valued at $67.

You get it for free when you buy Freak Jump Technique Reloaded through our special, Vertical Jump Zone members only link (see below).

How To Claim Your Free Copy of Freak Strength Explosion

Step 1:

Buy Freak Jump Technique Reloaded from the special link below.

You must buy from this link to claim your free copy of Freak Strength Explosion, because its the only way to verify that you’re a member of Vertical Jump Zone:

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Step 2:

Email your receipt to Adam here:

Step 3:

Adam will send you instant access to the breakthrough Freak Strength Explosion program once he verifies you bought it through the special link I mentioned in step 1.

WARNING: We’re only giving the special bonus to those who buy Freak Jump Technique Reloaded before Monday, August 1st 2011.

I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

You will never be able to get a great vertical jump program like Freak Strength Explosion for free again.

It’s our way of thanking you for being a Vertical Jump Zone subscriber, and help you get the vertical leap of your dreams.

Summer  is almost over, and this is when CHAMPIONS are made.

Get our exclusive members-only  Freak Jump Technique Reloaded + Freak Strength Explosion Package, and become the most explosive player on your team by the time school starts.


Dan O and Adam Linkenauger

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