Jumpsoles Reviews

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JumpsolesJumpsoles are the world’s most popular platform training shoes.

They are created by JumpUSA, a company that makes training equipment for several sports.

JumpUSA claims that Jumpsoles will increase your vertical jump by 5-10 inches.

Is this an accurate statement?

Read on to find out the truth…

What Are Jumpsoles?

Jumpsoles are platforms that attach to your shoes.

After you put them on, they elevate your heels so that they never touch the ground.

This focuses all your body weight on your calves.

Combined with the plyometric exercises given in the program, they train your calves to become stronger by developing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs.

Do Jumpsoles Make You Jump Higher?

Our answer is NO, they DON’T work well enough to make you jump higher.

Here are the 2 main reasons why Jumpsoles won’t increase your vertical jump by much:

1.Too much focus on calf work

  • The jumpsoles focus way too much on calf muscle training.
  • Science has proven that calf muscles are not that important in overall vertical jump training.
  • The posterior chain muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads) are WAY more important than calf muscles in vertical jump training.

2. Little or no weight training

  • The exercises provided in the program are primarily plyometric exercises.
  • These exercises will improve your explosiveness, quickness, and vertical jump ONLY if you currently have limited plyometric training experience.
  • If you already have plyometric training experience or you are already a pretty quick athlete, you will see little or no gains.
  • Good vertical jump programs focus on a combination of solid weight training and plyometrics.
  • Jumpsoles have a limited weight training component and is therefore an incomplete vertical jump program.

Proprioceptors: The ONLY Reason To Get Jumpsoles

Proprioceptors are little plugs that screw into the bottom of your Jumpsoles.

They help you to develop balance by training your stabilizer muscles.

They also build muscles in your ankles and feet which is key for injury prevention.

I personally used the Jumpsoles + proprioceptors while rehabing from a serious knee injury I suffered my sophomore year in college.

They worked really well, and if you currently have any leg injuries, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors.

They will help you recover much faster and prevent future injuries.


We can summarize our Jumpsoles review in 2 sentences:

1. We DON’T recommend Jumpsoles as a vertical leap program.

2. We DO recommend Jumpsoles (+ Proprioceptors) for injury prevention & rehabilitation.

If you are looking to rehab from an injury or prevent future injuries, we highly recommend the Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors.

However, if you are looking for a vertical jump program to make you jump higher, don’t bother with Jumpsoles.

Instead, get our #1 ranked vertical jump program by clicking here.

This solid program is scientifically proven to make you jump at least 10 inches higher because it employs a multi-faceted approach to training.

Have You Used Jumpsoles Before?

If you have trained with Jumpsoles before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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88 Responses to “Jumpsoles Reviews”

  1. Trevor Says:

    You guys have destroyed my belief in jumpsoles i hope ur happy :P. I was honestly just about to buy them. I have a question for the world wide web…if my weak spots are my ankles should I buy these anyway? I have rolled my ankle 4 times in my life and everytime I become a vegitable for a week trying to repair my body.


    • Dan Says:

      Trevor, if your ankles are prone to injury, I HIGHLY recommend you get the Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors as soon as possible! They will make your ankles way stronger and prevent future injuries. It worked wonders while I was rehabbing my knee.


    • Daniel Says:

      If you’ve sprained your ankle before and are having recurring problems, I’d recommend getting ‘active ankle’ ankle braces. They allow your foot appropriate movement, but totally prevent you from rolling your ankle side to side. Check them out. They’re well built, and I’ve seen people, myself included, who go from having ankle issues to being back on the court quickly and back to game speed as well. Good luck!


    • kobe sucks Says:

      dont listen to them jumpsoles do work whomever is reading this jumpsoles do work look at other reviws


  2. kofi Says:

    many people told me do not buy the jumpsoles nd that they wouldnt really help me . but after readying this i am really not gunna buy them


  3. Ron Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve used Jumpsoles during the 8 weeks explained in the training program
    before using Jumpsoles, I’ve a little Vert Jump (30 Cm) and now after the training program my vert jump is (105 cm), but I’ve combined Jumpsoles with another program to get this result. I think that Jumpsoles is an help but not the main tool and program for increasing Vert Jumps.

    Try to use it with Air alert 3,
    Good Luck


  4. John Says:

    i used jumpsoles for a couple weeks, probably around 1.5/2 months and i saw great results. i went from barely touching the backboard, to grabbing the rim. i think they worked for me because i didnt really follow the program given. i made my own schedule and excercises up, but mixed some of the given ones in too. i definitely do agree with you about the proprieceptors because i had very week ankles and injured them both about twice during one season, but after i used them, my ankles got stronger and i havent injured them since. i would recomend jumpsoles, but make your own program up.


  5. cristofer de mexico Says:

    jumpsoles ordered a pair of work I hope to upload a video of my dunk to be silent


  6. g Says:

    Jumpsoles does not work don’t buy it. I did the 8 week program 3 times with no gains. It’s a waste of money. I started out grabbing rim after the program I can only grab rim. trust me when I say they are a waste of money


  7. Dominic Says:



  8. Trevor Says:

    Hey me again, I have bought the jumpsoles for $110 & I really think they are useful because I usually run on the tredmill for an hour and sweat alot so I know what a good workout feels like & these jumpsoles made me sweat like a pig! Also I did not buy the propioceptors but I met this dude at the gym and he let me try them for free! As for my vert…I actually have not seen any gains thus far but I am not as prone to injurys (I think if I finished the 8 week program and rested for 10 days I would be able to get pretty far above the rim).


  9. luke_Skywalker Says:

    A friend of mine bought jumpsoles, I naturally had a higher vertical than him he used it for about 2/12 months he is dunking all over the place jumping over scorers tables to dunk finishing in centres faces catching alley oops from halfcourt and I’m also getting myself some I have witnessed it first hand.don’t be told too much emphasis on calves and things get ‘em you won’t be sorry. They work They work They work!!
    I’ll update in 3 months time.


  10. Ash Says:


    i think that some exersices with jumpsoles work magically. I gain an ich in a week of doing one exersices!!!
    They can increase flexability in the Achillies and strengthens them I think.
    Please reply to tell me if thats true. Im thinking about buying but with that im not sure.
    Please reply asap

    Thanks Ash.


  11. steven Says:

    air alert did not work for me. did jumpsoles during the summer 09, although it says “guranteed 5 inches or more” i didn really care, i gained 4 inches in the phi slamma jamma JS program now my hops is a 35inches. its more like “guranteed increasing your hops”

    ps im only 5’10-11


  12. Rossell Powell Says:

    I think strength shoes are a lot more effective.I have used both and I can remember when I was using strength shoes how strong and fast I felt.And people really noticed my increased explosion and quickness.The jumpsoles work but not as effectively as the strenght shoes.


  13. Bryan Says:

    Hey Dan i’m from Indonesia
    i’m 174 cm (5’7 i guess) and i did try the jumpsoles program
    In my school i’m considered a high jumper, as i can touch the rim and have a 34 inch running vertical
    i tried jumpsoles because I wanted to dunk, but during the fourth week i was really ill and stopped training since then.
    well, i found that i only gained around 1-1.5 cinch during those 4 weeks.
    It’s pretty disappointing, but is it normal? (They say you have to complete the 8 week schedule)
    During the 48 hour rest period (after training) i can’t really resist playing ball with my friends. Does that affect my jumping progress?
    All in all jumpsoles wasn’t that great, but i’m going to try it again :)


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Bryan. It depends on how much ball you play during your off days. Playing for a little while shouldn’t affect your progress at all. I had the same result with Jumpsoles. I didn’t gain much, despite the fact that I did the whole program. I can tell you this though – when I injured my knee, the Jumpsoles helped me A LOT. All those balancing exercises with the proprioceptors helped me heal my injury.


      • Bryan Says:

        Hey thanks for the reply Dan :)
        Yes jumpsoles was very useful and it helped minimize ankle injuries
        Well all the best to you


      • Juan Says:

        I think you NEED to emphasize that playing ball “little bit” won’t hurt training. But for everyone “a little bit” is different, depending on fitness level, etc. So, it’s actually best to allow for the most recovery possible, for best results. Otherwise, you have to wait for results a lot longer.


  14. daniel Says:

    what about strength shoes they are allot like the jumpsoles?


  15. Bryan Says:

    Hey again Dan.
    I want to ask, the manual mentioned that I can only train 2 times per week with at least 48 hours of rest.
    Is it okay if I haggle it up to 3 times a week? Or is it better to stick with 2 times per week.
    Anyways making progress here, can now hang on the rim without running :D


  16. Kyle Says:

    Jumpsoles increased my vert from not getting backboard to getting rim )whatever the vertical is for that) ive gotten compliments about my increase in my vertical and speed. i am going to buy the proprioceptor plugs because you guys gave a good review on it. thank you!


  17. randomballer Says:

    is it possible to make your own jumpsoles??


  18. hamphops Says:

    Jumpsoles have been the key to my vertical jump. Before i got them i could barely touch net. Now 2 months later i can hang onto the rim. BUY JUMPSOLES!!!


  19. fredirecton Says:

    Hey, I have used jump soles and I felt it increased my jumping a pretty decent amount. I’m about 5’10, and before I used jumpsoles i was grabbing/two hand touching a 10′ rim, then I did the jumpsoles training for about a month straight one summer, where i started two hand hanging on the rim consistently, followed by eventually being able to put down a one hand dunk(after warming up) a month after. I felt that jumpsoles was definitely the factor in this increase of jumping. However, I currently have jumper’s knee(inflammable tendon in my knees) which I feel was caused from doing the jumpsoles training program because of lots of strain that was caused on my legs from doing the jumpsoles workouts.


    • Alden Says:

      That is the exact same thing that happened to me. I went from hanging on the rim to doing one hand dunks on good days. but my knees were kinda messed up after everything. Its been a year since i trained with jumpsoles an i can do reverse and 360 dunks now. i think it really helped me out.


  20. kelvin H Says:

    I must disagree a bit with the writers of this column. I bought the jump soles about 15 years ago and they did wonders. When following the program they gave, all the trainings areas increased. I was jumping better, my balance was better, my lower body strength was excellent and my endurance increased. Prior to using them I could barely touch the rim. After a week or so I was grabbing the rim and I was actuall able to go above the rim after a few weeks. The one thing I would suggest is using them in the off season or in conjunction with a weight workout. The results will be off the charts. Don’t be discouraged when people say you are woalking with moon shoes on. LOL. I want to buy another pair.


  21. Ben Says:

    See for most of you guys who are seeing gains your vert was probaly about 20-24inches as for other people like me or close to me im 6′ and can dunk with 2 steps, my vert is roughly 34 or higher, but if i was to get jump soles i bet id only gain roughly 1 or 2 inches witch is not sufficent for an 8 week program


  22. popoballer Says:

    it does work i gain like 2-3 inch lol


  23. Thom Says:

    Hello this is so cool thanks for all the info.
    Do you know any good stores that sell jumpsoles that are good quality AND an affordable price?


  24. Wade Says:

    I used jumpsoles for 6 months and really thought they worked well.. I never did weight training in high school.. Just road my bike and jump soles for a whole summer, went from being able to grab the rim to dunking with 2 hands in about a four month period…


  25. Mike Killian Says:

    I sued Jump Soles with 6 High School Athletes for a period of 6 weeks with 2 sessions per week and no other training during this time and all athletes had significant gains. We had veritcal jump increases from 4 inches to 8 inches and speed increased between 20-30 percent. We did go on and use the proprioceptors after the 1st 6 week cycle, but I totally disagee that these are not good.

    And, I also own your Jump Manual and will begin using it in the spring when the current BB season completes.




  26. Alden Says:

    I used Jumpsoles about a year ago, and went from hanging on the rim at 5’10″ to doing alley-oops and 360 dunks at 6’2″. The jumpsoles improved my explosiveness and quickness, but not my leg strength. Im going to start doing some leg excersises like squats and step ups with weights to build some power. Dunking is the BEST!!!!

    If anybody knows some good strength building workouts, let me know please.


  27. roman Says:

    obviously the jumpsoles will work, it’s peoples work ethic that isn’t giving them the results they want.


  28. BigE Says:

    I can’t speak for all people but with my experience I would recommend jumpsoles. Keep in mind that there are many factors in determining how much you will gain as far a vertical. They recommend that this program be done twice a weak this is because jumpsoles is extremely tiring for your muscles. You should have 48 hours to properly rebuild the muscles that have been torn. If you are playing in-between or doing to program during season you can actually have the opposite effect and lose inches in you vertical due to over training and fatigue. Proper form during exercise is very important as well. I’ve had good results when I was under sixteen and now that I’m in my last year of high school I’m currently doing the program with weights and I’ve already seen significant gains after two weeks. Work ethic, commitment, form and rest are extremely important. If you are willing to work hard and push yourself through each exercise I would recommend jumpsoles.


  29. Cris Says:

    Don’t buy the jumpsoles i used them for 2 months and they damaged my knees.


  30. shayne Says:

    hey…i use the jumpsoles with the manuel they gave me but should i also be doing an upperbody workout also?


  31. 2melo Says:

    I’m like 5’8 n I jus started using jumpsoles. What I think of all this is it varies on how much they ll help jus depending on who u are. N ur body. I can already touch the rim n i’m 16, but I do recomend them for y’ll cuz I have some dudes that wasn’t Dunkin last year but now are. So suite yo selfs man


  32. vegas j Says:

    they work but to reach your max vertical you need to lift wieghts.heavy wieght low reps at first i tried them and could touch rim ten did jumpsoles monday then heavy leg training thursday for 2 months and i built spee and power now i can almost hi my head on the rim my next goal and im 5 10


  33. Yungjordan Says:

    so do they work


  34. ray anikwue Says:

    hey dan i have a 21 inch running vertical and im 11 is that good or bad


  35. Trevor Doge Says:

    yo, I’m starting up the jumpsoles workout this summer but I found a confusing part. The program says “DO TWICE PER WEEK with two days of rest in between” this doesn’t make sence to me because that only adds up to four days, what am I doing for the other three days?

    P.S: I used to just do a seven day thing with no rest and I got result I’m gonna keep doing that until someone convinces me not to…is that right?


  36. abdi Says:

    I play baketball so much i get f in all my clss i want to be a pro so bad. I HERD that jumpsoles help you I got one from my older bro gave me one but i have no dvd that comes what it but i now the work out i found out in jumpusa. in today i did the work out but i did not sweat at all my frit day so am i bust to sweat. some one replay me plz and thank you so much


    • Trevor Doge Says:

      First of all, if you want to be a pro you have to learn a few things in school, try to work your way up to a D, take baby steps! Secondly if you are not sweating try adding some weight to your workout (only if ur over 16 or are experienced with weight). You can also try more reps, higher platforms and longer distances! Good luck bro anyone can be a star no matter if you make money or not just believe!


  37. Trevor Doge Says:

    YO I GOT A QUESTION!!!! I’m doing the plyometrics in the first week of the workout and I want to know, is it okay if I make the platform 3&1/2 feet insted of 2 feet?

    Also: Is it okay if I add so much weight that I can’t do 10 reps for each leg consistantly? (Dan this one is directed at you BTW) :)


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Trevor. It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you on the blog. Hope all is well! From my experience, sticking to what it says in the program is the best way to go. The reason for this is because you don’t really feel the strain on your body while you are doing the plyo’s because they don’t really make you tired. Instead, they work more on your central nervous system. By raising the box height, you will put unneccessary strain on your body, which could result in injuries. Also, regarding your question on weights, I recommend sticking to what it says in the program.


      • Trevor Doge Says:

        thanks dude, I think your right because last year I could do it everyday but now that I’m doing like 35 pounds on a 3.5 foot platform, I have massive accounts of energy loss.


  38. shayne Says:

    To Dan, and Vegas J,
    it sounds like you guys know what your talking about
    vegas you said you do jumspoles monday and then weight training thursday
    would it be to much to do
    monday jumpsoles
    tuesday upper body
    wednesday lower body weight training
    thursday rest
    friday jumpsoles/ lower body weight training( switch off weekly)
    saturday upperbody
    sunday rest


  39. abdi Says:

    hi is me abdi and it my 6 week and am holding the ram and could but ball in sometimes and am 5’7 and am 14 and i stoped joumpsoles for 1 week is that good and did not play basketball for one week is that good are not and my mom is 5’3 and my dad 6’2


  40. David Robinson Says:

    Hey i just turned 28 years old 2 days ago and a generous 5 feet 8 inches …I used to be able to dunk one handers about 2-3 years after watchin and studying MJ one footed dunk video clips over and over.
    This is one of my dunks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFYsSXJQnRE.

    Now i can’t do shizzle because i work all day for last 3 years and position at work demands my time…I want get back into playing shape and add a devastating improved aerial attack to my game, I want to buy jumpsoles; however this negativity is making me feel iffy. for some strange reason i feel if u study the art of dunking and exercise your entire body over a long period of time with weights u could get great results but i ain’t got that type of time. I want to see video evidence of someone like myself who has used jumpsoles and they are throwing down…

    Send me a link…..


    • illmatic Says:

      Jumpsoles work period but a good program is really the key. Personally weight training with explosion exercises is the way to go. Squats, Lunges, Box jumps & Sprints. I am keeping my exercise plan simple. I do sets of 3 with 10 reps. The third set gives you endurance. On the sprints you can do suicides 3 times, remember run as fast as you can. Stretching is just as important as anything you do. You can do these workouts with or without jumpsoles expect sprinting. Go increase your vertical!



  41. Justin Says:

    I am in the army and i run alot is it still okay to run if im working out with the jumpsoles? will it hurt my gains?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Justin.

      I think it’s okay, as long as you don’t overdo it.

      It also depends on what you are doing with the Jumpsoles.

      It’s ok to do your running and the proprioception exercises at the same time.

      But if you’re doing the running plus the full Jumpsoles workout, it might lead to overtraining.

      Hope this helps.


  42. fayz Says:

    i am sure that the best way to reach for the trouth i want mor infomation about you


  43. Jer Says:

    I bought a pair of these shoes and used them and the workouts with a minor modification (I used a 48″ box for depth jumping). I used the heavy basics for strength (Squats, Deadlifts, Bent Rows, Bench Press, Military Press, Curls, Close Grip Presses). I used the jump program twice a week, and combined it with my abdominal workouts.

    I DEFINITELY recommend getting them with the proprioceptors if you want an edge in speed, agility, and explosive power. After using them for about a year, I jumped over one of my friends(6′), blocked a shot, and landed on his shoulders.

    A word of caution: When they tell you to not use the shoes or the workouts until you can squat 1.5 times your bodyweight, please adhere to that warning. If not, get good health insurance.


  44. TrueAthlete Says:

    Jumpsoles are the perfect way to get the most out of weight lifting. I recomend doing weights for 3 weeks in a row hard and heavy about three days a week. on week 3 use jumpoles workouts after your weight lifting. on week four do isometric weight lifting but with controlled movement.”1 rep = 1 set- count fifteen seconds for one full motion.” and use jumpsoles during week 2-4.

    week-1 heavy weights: squats, leg press calfraises and the other good stuff that hurts
    week-2 Same as week one
    week 3 weights- then add jumpsole exercises
    week 4 isometric weight lifting plus jumsole workout

    I have put over three inches of vert on me and my friends through the first month!!!. this works dont do more than three weeks on the jumpsoles your muscles get used to it. take a 5 days off after a three weeks but continue to hoop. promise this works.

    remember use it or loose it. once you stop for a while got to start from scratch.

    my stats.
    may 8, 19 years old 5’10……… just grabbing rim, finger tip slams
    may 8, 20 years old 5’11……… touching top of the square


  45. Rick Says:

    I think people need to have realistic expectations when using jumpsoles or any other vertical jump training aid. Some may see large gains in their vertical jump, if their max vert hasn’t yet been approached. Those with an already well developed vertical won’t see as dramatic results. The truth is you can only jump so high. If you are already touching the top of the box on the backboard, don’t expect to get 8 to 10 more inches using any jump program or aid.


  46. tony k Says:

    hey…so im 25 yrs old and i have a really bad back…i have 3 herniated discs (L3-L5) and its excruciating to run outside, on a treadmill etc due to the back posture i have to keep while running for a prolonged period. my little brother has the jumpsoles so i borrowed them off him…he just graduated HS where he was a high jumper and he was clearing like 6’8″ after the program. He could always jump though(i didnt get those genetics unfortunately). Im in the medical field so i know all about the risks and different exercises for back strenghening, so i guess im just wondering if anyone knows anyone who has had back problems and has still used the jumpsoles program and seen gains in vert/lateral quickness etc…?


  47. Melissa Says:

    I’m considering purchasing these for my teenager. He is currently at a shoe size 7 so I’d like to purchase a size larger to allow for growth spurt. Those who have these, would that be a problem to buy a size bigger….still as effective?


  48. Joey Says:

    I finished the 8 week program of jumpsoles and saw only a 2 inch difference, but i did like the program and i liked it, and do I continue to do the program for a whole year after your done with the 8 week program??? Im only 5’9 120 17 years old with skinny legs but relatively strong calves, i dont have a strong core do you think that is why i can’t touch rim??? im about 3-5 inches away from touching rim. Please reply back!!!!!


  49. John Says:

    Does anybody actually read the schedule? It’s a 15 week program, after you have finished week 8 your supposed to rest a week then start again from week 4. If you do this they will work.


  50. Bill Says:

    There is no short cut and no substitute for hard work. Want to get a better vertical jump train in a plyometric program. These things are just a gimmick and can cause injury. As a trainer I would NEVER recommend this product.



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