Jumpsoles Reviews

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JumpsolesJumpsoles are the world’s most popular platform training shoes.

They are created by JumpUSA, a company that makes training equipment for several sports.

JumpUSA claims that Jumpsoles will increase your vertical jump by 5-10 inches.

Is this an accurate statement?

Read on to find out the truth…

What Are Jumpsoles?

Jumpsoles are platforms that attach to your shoes.

After you put them on, they elevate your heels so that they never touch the ground.

This focuses all your body weight on your calves.

Combined with the plyometric exercises given in the program, they train your calves to become stronger by developing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs.

Do Jumpsoles Make You Jump Higher?

Our answer is NO, they DON’T work well enough to make you jump higher.

Here are the 2 main reasons why Jumpsoles won’t increase your vertical jump by much:

1.Too much focus on calf work

  • The jumpsoles focus way too much on calf muscle training.
  • Science has proven that calf muscles are not that important in overall vertical jump training.
  • The posterior chain muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads) are WAY more important than calf muscles in vertical jump training.

2. Little or no weight training

  • The exercises provided in the program are primarily plyometric exercises.
  • These exercises will improve your explosiveness, quickness, and vertical jump ONLY if you currently have limited plyometric training experience.
  • If you already have plyometric training experience or you are already a pretty quick athlete, you will see little or no gains.
  • Good vertical jump programs focus on a combination of solid weight training and plyometrics.
  • Jumpsoles have a limited weight training component and is therefore an incomplete vertical jump program.

Proprioceptors: The ONLY Reason To Get Jumpsoles

Proprioceptors are little plugs that screw into the bottom of your Jumpsoles.

They help you to develop balance by training your stabilizer muscles.

They also build muscles in your ankles and feet which is key for injury prevention.

I personally used the Jumpsoles + proprioceptors while rehabing from a serious knee injury I suffered my sophomore year in college.

They worked really well, and if you currently have any leg injuries, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors.

They will help you recover much faster and prevent future injuries.


We can summarize our Jumpsoles review in 2 sentences:

1. We DON’T recommend Jumpsoles as a vertical leap program.

2. We DO recommend Jumpsoles (+ Proprioceptors) for injury prevention & rehabilitation.

If you are looking to rehab from an injury or prevent future injuries, we highly recommend the Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors.

However, if you are looking for a vertical jump program to make you jump higher, don’t bother with Jumpsoles.

Instead, get our #1 ranked vertical jump program by clicking here.

This solid program is scientifically proven to make you jump at least 10 inches higher because it employs a multi-faceted approach to training.

Have You Used Jumpsoles Before?

If you have trained with Jumpsoles before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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88 Responses to “Jumpsoles Reviews”

  1. Matt Says:

    I bought these jump soles 3 weeks ago in hopes to increase my verticle. I can tell you the results for me have been excellent. I have more mobility with my legs as a whole and have increased my jump by about 4 inches. The exercise that I primarily performed was jumping rope. Lot of hard work but hey, I can actually play above the rim now


    • Dan Says:

      Congrats on your great results Matt! Glad they worked well for you. Keep me updated on your progress.


      • David Says:


        I just got jumpsoles from my friend and am wondering where to get Proprioceptors. It did not come with it. Also are there any training videos on any website to learn how to use them. Last but not least the straps are coming off the soles so i need to either get them repaired or do something because i cannot afford new ones….Thanks


    • daulton Says:

      i am 5’7 and quick with pretty good hops for my size but i wanted to gain more so i used jumpsoles and in less tan 2 months i was able to jump 4 inches higher and was getting above the rim. also i improved my 40 yard dash time from 4.7 to 4.5. dumbly i got lazy and quit using them i regret ever quiting. jumpsoles are the real deal.


  2. Ben Says:

    I started the jumpsole program my eighth grade summer and gained 11 inches on my vertical. Still to this day without doing the program since i can still dunk with ease 10 yrs later. Im about to start the program again to see if i can get more results.


    • James Says:

      I did the exact same thing – I used Jumpsoles for about 6 months while I was a freshman in high school to improve my vertical for volleyball, and to this day I still have hops without doing any additional jump-specific exercises over the past 15 years. I started with about a 24″ vertical and got up to about 40″ at my prime. I am a 6′ 180lb whiteboy and I could touch the top of the white box on a backboard at my peak! As of today my vertical is down to about 30″, which I think is pretty good since that’s about the average for an NBA player.


  3. Gian Paul Gonzalez Says:

    Funny, Jumpsoles worked great! Being this website is not a jumpusa inc. site I can understand how this article would try to tell you not to buy the program. I can honestly say the Jumpsoles revolutionized my ability from never plAying basketball TO BEING ABLE TO DUNK standing flatfooted under the basket in a span of 3 months, being only 6’2. And 16 years old. In hindsight after being a First Team D3 NCAA All-American in 2006 Jumpsoles, is arguably the best vertical leap improvement program for youth aged 15-17 without getting into weights, especially being in many weight rooms there is very little instruction on proper form and too much emphasis on squatting 1000lbs! or for inn-city, like my self who don’t have any weight room available to them. You can buy a used pair off of Ebay for around 40 dollars best purchase you can make.


  4. John Says:

    They can’t possibly work; they make you balance all of your weight on the balls of your feet and you can do that standing in regular shoes. When doing plyos and playing a sport, your heels shouldn’t be touching the ground anyway, but they occasionally will, so the Jumpsoles can disrupt your movement patterns. They are bulky and will throw off your proprioception. I used them to try to rehab a torn pcl and they were more cumbersome than anything, like walking on stilts. They may as well have a “reverse” platform shoe that keeps the balls of your feet off the ground and makes you do everything on your heels. The proprioceptor plugs might be worth it, but I think I get better results doing conventional training with heavy weights.


    • Adam Says:

      You are retarded. I followed the 8 week program when I was 18 years old. I was barely getting the net. When I was finished with Jumpsoles I threw down an alley ooooooooop dunk at the local YMCA with witnesses. For a 5’10” white guy, people were impressed.


  5. nick Says:

    I am thinking about purchasing jumpsoles, I have done tons of research. Ironically the results are half and half…buy or not buy?

    We can summarize our Jumpsoles review


    • CJ Says:

      I’m a 40 year old former college and arena football player. I have had 11 surgeries, 8 major. Knee, broken ankle twice. Broke my left leg 4 times….and I STILL WORK OUT WITH JUMPSOLES…My vertical is 44 inches. YES THEY DO WORK. I have been using these shoes for almost 20 years.


  6. Buck Says:

    I am in 8th grade and 5’8 and before I got jumpsoles I was barely touching the net and just 4 weeks in I could touch the rim, now I’m on week 11 and can just grab the rim but the best thing that worked was jump rope after week four it won’t increase much


  7. Bryan McCarty Says:

    I used the jumpsoles in 1996 and increased my vertical by 10 plus inches and got the best results jumping off of one foot. I am 6’6” and it changed my game, quicker, faster and more explosive. I did them over the summer and when basketball started they called me insta-hops because I could fly with the best dunkers on the team. They were so popular everybody borrowed them and were eventually stollen. You could feel the difference when jumping it felt like springs in your feet. I have a biomedical sciences degree and it changes the slow twitch muscle fibers to fast twitch fibers, you don’t need anything other than the jumpsoles. They are so good that I am ordering another pair and I am 32 just to get that edge back for my weekly bball game.


    • Scott Says:

      Hey everyone. so i see pretty much everyone oh here has had great results. Did you guys use the propriocepters, or can you get great resuts without them?


  8. wessee Says:

    i used jumpsoles from 2006-2009 6’0 thin asian came from barely touching the rim(running) to touching the rim while spinning two hands (never had a consisitent training schedule because of school and work) 2010 stopped jumpsoles and bagan squat exercises with dumbell on my back 2011 was able to dunk the ball and got into games with flashy chasedown blocks double doubles of rebounds and points 3-5 blocks per game so what this article said is true u need strength combines with the jumpsole work out


  9. kevin Says:

    I believe they can work only if you try your best at it. I have had 3 knee operations(2 torn ACL right/left and 1 partial torn meniscus) and I can honestly say after my recent injury which was my partial torn meniscus I could not jump at all. I am 5’9 and I could not even reach the net on a 10 ft rim. I then started the jumpsoles program as a rehab program and just a month in I am half an inch away from touching a 10ft rim with one hand. I can dunk on a 9ft rim with one hand and 8 1/2ft with 2 hands. From seeing my results, I say that the jumpsoles are working great for me and have my legs stronger. I am in week 5 on the program and I will probably not be dunking on a 10ft rim at the end of the 2 month program but I think I may be able to if I continue the program for a couple more months. Depending on if you want to believe this or not the choice is yours. Hope this helps if you are debating to get them or not.


  10. Quadir Minney Says:

    Im 15 years old and 5”6 i touch the bottom of the backbourd, andd i wanna be able to dunk how many inches will it make me gaim if i work hard in them and How long do you think it will take me to dunk.
    Quadir Minney recently posted..Freak Scoring Machine: New Program By Damin Altizer & Adam LinkenaugerMy Profile


  11. John Says:

    The only reason anyone gets results using platform shoes is because no one does the types of exercises that are included with their programs. If you play basketball and lift weights, then of course you will see improvement after you start doing the Jumpsole or strength shoe workout, because they use different types of exercises. All you have to do is look at your center of gravity in a mirror, standing sideways without the Jumpsoles flatfooted, then raise your weight off your heels, and then put the Jumpsoles on, and your balance will be the same as standing with your heels raised a few inches. It’s total hype.



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