The Jump Manual Review

Author /Creator:

  • Jacob Hiller

Program Price:

  • $67


  • FREE 30-Day Unlimited One-on-One Email Coaching With Jacob.
  • Access to the Elite Jumpers’ Vertical Jump Forum.
  • Interview With NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla.
  • Interview With Peak Performance Psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn.


  • Add At Least 10 Inches to Your Vertical Jump.
  • 60-day “no-questions-asked” Money Back Guarantee.

What You Get:

  • The Jump Manual eBook.
  • Exercise Charts.
  • Videos.
  • Elite Jumper’s Forum (get all your questions answered by Jacob and fellow athletes going through the program).

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Program Review:

The Jump Manual is a regarded as the #1 vertical jump program for many reasons.

To begin with, Jacob Hiller, the creator of the program, clearly knows his stuff.

He is on the cutting-edge of vertical jump training, and he is widely regarded as the top vertical jump expert in the world.

He is also very good at explaining things and making everything in the program very easy to understand and implement.

The Jump Manual is also packaged very well.

It is an eBook, with many great features included (like interactive videos)

When you buy the book, you will get a link to download the program to your computer.

You will then be able to access the program anytime you want from your computer

The topics covered in the program include:

  • How to jump higher by learning proper jumping mechanics.
  • Why most athletes fail to increase their vertical jump…and why YOU don’t have to.
  • How to easily manage your diet and post-workout recovery for maximum vertical jump gains.
  • The best exercises, plyometrics, stretching routines & quickness drills for maximum explosion.

The Jump Manual also contains a wide variety of exercises that are fun to do, unlike most programs which are full of boring, repetitive exercises.

There is also a body-weight only program for those who don’t want to train with weights.

This is a great option for young athletes in their early teens.

The workouts in the Jump Manual are designed with one purpose only:

To Give You Maximum Vertical Jump Explosion

However, the main reason why the Jump Manual is the best program is NOT because it has new exercises you have never heard of before.

The “Secret Sauce” is not in the exercises — because you have probably heard of some of them — but rather in how the program makes you do these exercises.

The Jump Manual shows you the PROPER ways of doing these exercises in the RIGHT dosage for maximum vertical jump gains.

The bonuses that come with the program are also great.

If you are a basketball player like me, you will love the interview with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla, especially when he reveals how he regularly shoots 99% from the field.

No matter what sport you play, you will love the interview with Peak Performance Psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn.

I’m sure you know that a large part of  sports is MENTAL, and Dr. Cohn with show you simple ways to get the right mindset to dominate your competition.

In my opinion, the best part of the program is the free one-on-one coaching.

If you have any questions or concern, you can email or reach Jacob directly via email or Skype.

I haven’t seen any other vertical jump expert that is this accessible, and it shows how much Jacob cares about the success of his athletes.

It’s also important to note that like anything in life, the Jump Manual is not perfect.

I found it difficult to print out the various sections of the program, but this was the only ‘problem’ I had with the program.

The bottom line is that the Jump Manual is a great vertical jump program.

I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to jump higher, especially if they have failed with other programs before.

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Have You Used The Jump Manual Before?

If you have trained with The Jump Manual before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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107 Responses to “The Jump Manual Review”

  1. thomas Says:

    my daughter is a high jumper—can you help her? if so what book should i get her….thanks


  2. Tyler Says:

    If i just get the manual and not the other deal, will i get the same results?


  3. Pat Says:

    best program out there… i highly recommend it


  4. Eloir Carli Junior Says:

    My name is Eloir, I live in Brazil, I play volleyball, I have 33 years old and 5.11 height. I purchased the Jump Manuel program on Sep 2009. I did Air Alert IV on Dec-15-2008 to Mar-23-2009 and Air Alert advanced Jul-13-2009 to aug-24-2009, I got a good progress, my vertical jump is the same when I had 20 years old 38 inches. The program was good, but I almost killed my legs and muscles due the hard program
    I started Jump Manual program on Dec-21-2009, The first 4 weeks, I got 3 inches, GREAT, now has 24 day that I finished the program and everyday playing volleyball my jump is increasing, right now doing the block on the mesh I pass the shoulder and to spike the chest. Is so easy and fast to jump. Right now my vertical jump is 42″.
    Other good point to the program is the my legs and muscles are perfect, no injury or tired. Great program to the sucess, I recommend.


  5. William Says:

    Guys I definitely recommend the jump manual. Been working on it for 5 weeks now and have gained 5 inches! It gives you all the knowledge you will ever need about jumping so that you can gain inches by just following the principles and not even the excercises. Thats how good the principles are. Of course that doesn’t meen you shouldn’t do the excercises! If your going to do a jumping program I highly recommend this program. Best of luck.



  6. mike "beyondilimit" Says:

    okay the jump manual just might be the best “cookie cutter” program out there… see the program can easily b adjusted to your needs… the creator jacob is always open for feedback and does not mind helpin out an athlete regardless of goals.

    start it and you wont regret it just follow it and enjoy and reward yourself for the hard work you’ll embark on

    also upgrades are said to be published soon making the jump manual probably the absolute best jump program out there for any athlete who wants that extra edge

    try the jump manual you wont regret it


  7. Terrill Wyche Says:

    I’m a 40 year old who is 5’10″ and about 210. I put on at least 7 inches on my vertical jump using this program. I’m not a ‘baller.’ I do know that if you really use the manual consistently, you’ll see major improvements. The main thing that I do is to work steadily.


  8. Shawn Says:

    Hey I’m a 6’1 basketball player and the Jump Manual definitely helped my game. Before I started this program I wasn’t even close to touching the rim on a 10 foot hoop. Now after 4 weeks and counting I can grab the rim with ease.

    This program is not a magical tool that will give you amazing hops overnight however with the dedication and focus, one could achieve amazing results. I would say also that watching Jacob’s youtube videos are very helpful because they have additional information and facts not covered in the jump manual.

    Overall this product is definitely worth the money and if you want that vertical leap to outperform everyone else then this is it. Thanks so much Jacob!!


  9. Kirk Says:

    I am a 52 year old basketball player. I decided to give this program a try after seeing my vertical steadily decline the last few years. I have followed the program for 12 weeks and have been very happy with the results so far. I have gained 6 inches on my standing vertical and am back to dunking with two hands for the first time in 4 years! It is hard work, but if you are willing to put in the effort, the results will be there!! I am looking forward to continued improvement as I continue the program! Thanks, Jacob for helping me turn back the clock!!


  10. zeke Says:

    when is the jump manual update?


  11. michael vernon Says:

    The Jump Manual is the way to go. I have gained 3 inches in the first four weeks!! This has helped me with track so much! Im a long jumper and vertical explotion is needed to perform well in this feild. Thank you soo much for this Jacob and all your help!


  12. ekam Says:

    the jump manual is for real and the best program out there. Jacob Hiller knows what he is doing and unlike other programs out there, he also answers questions that you ask him and does his best to make sure you get results.


  13. trent kozman Says:

    the jump manual is a high quality program that is oriented around the individual athlete. it understands the importance of rest especially well. after working endlessly and relentlessly for two years to improve my vertical with minimal results, i was able to add five inches within three months of using the jump manual!


  14. bob Says:

    it is a great program. Within the first 2 weeks I went from a 36 to a 40 in vert. My max reach is about 10 feet and 10 in and I’m only 5’10. I highly recommend him


  15. Tom Lobach Says:

    This is the premier program- both in results and in service service. This is the first jump training I have used which taught you how to jump, not just how to work out. Everything from jumping form to diet is in this E-book. I actually lost all my information on my computer (hard drive crash) and Jacob sent me a new link. I am a college basketball player on a Conference Champion NAIA team, and this program has increased my quickness and vertical to an above average level. The included shooting interview with David Hoopla (Washington Wizards) is priceless. Worth every bit of the price.


    • James Says:

      hey tom, i lost my details too, i have the program, but it won’t let me go past chapter 3 as i need a username and password and i don’t even remember using it the first time ? what should i do ? i have emailed the jump program and they still haven’t replied.


      • Dan Says:

        Hey James. I have contacted Jacob to let him know you lost your password. You will hear back from one of us soon so you can get access to the program again.


      • Dan Says:

        Hey James. Jacob said contact him at and he’ll take care of it.


      • Haadi Says:

        Hey ummm well i have a herniated disc and my dad told me not to use weights so i crossed some out . I’m a 12 year old male with a herniated disc at L5-S1. Is it safe for me to use? I have crossed out a few eercises because i am sure they will hurt my back. I bought the jump manual.
        Thx man,


  16. Joseph Says:

    I am a 5 foot 6 inch tall basketball player. I have tried lots of other programs like the Jump Bible and other courses, each time excited when starting, but became disappointed after only gaining less than an inch after weeks of hard work. I read about the Jump Manual and decided to try it out because of all of its reviews. The Jump Manual is for real and works wonders. Before I started the Jump Manual, I had a 18 inch vertical. Just be reading the tips for proper jumping form, I increased my vertical by 2 inches. In addition, I gained 4 inches after just 2 weeks of following the Jump Manual. I am continuing to work on the Jump Manual and am nearing the 10 inches guaranteed after 12 weeks. The Jump Manual has really helped me and is well worth the money. JACOB HILLER IS THE BEST!!!


  17. Lyle Says:

    I’ve been using the Jump Manual over the last 8 months to help my 16 year old daughter play better volleyball. She has gained about 7 inches on her block jump since we began. This is despite the fact that she had a previous ankle injury we discovered was not fully rehabbed. We have been rehabbing while doing the program and this has gone well too. Our results might have been greater, but while we have worked hard, we have usually limited our workouts to twice a week. Jacob has quickly answered when we have e-mailed questions, and in all we are happy with his program.


  18. Josh Says:

    I’ve used many jump programs before, but none like the jump manual! Some may give you minimal results, but you will quickly plateau. I’m a basketball player who always worked hard, but when I combined my hard work with working SMART, I got my first dunk, coaches and players noticed my new explosiveness, and I continue to get better. Unlike other programs that may force you to do countless repetition, or focus on one aspect of jumping, The Jump Manual provides a COMPLETE program; from rest, to workouts, to diet, etc. If you are working hard with little results or are about to start working on your vert and don’t know what to do, you can’t afford not to get the Jump Manual. If I had worked a minimum wage job all the hours I wasted on nonsensical workouts, I could have easily bought 20 jump manuals!

    Real workout, with real results. Highly recommended. Think of all the money you waste on soda, junk food, video games, etc. and $67 dollars is nothing compared to what you will gain.

    Written by a real customer, who is still using the program!


  19. Alex Gilmore Says:

    I purchased the manual about a year ago and have been enjoying the training and trying to tweek it to get more results. I started at 25 inches on a standing vert and have increased to 32 inches solid. I touched 11’3″ for the first time in my life and am doing that 360 jam smoother then ever. I emailed Jacob directly and got more advice several months ago. Still haven’t got to a 10 inch increase although I’m hopeful and seeing good gains lately. In any case I also see that jacob has done some good upgrading to his site and is genuinely interested in helping people succeed.

    I recently tried another program for 4 weeks from another group and didn’t gain anything more. I think the Jump Manual is the best of the 4 different programs I have tried.


  20. Wai Says:

    Hey All,

    I’m 5’5″ and 40 years old. I got on the jump manual almost two months ago and gained about 8 inches now. I went from barely touching the back board to touching the rim again. I’m hoping to dunk it in the next 12 months. At 40 I know its now or never and I really think its possible. The Jump Manual is not just for Jumping even though that’s why I bought it. It takes my body to the next level. The quickness drills, the nutrition, the upper body and core exercises all combine not just to create a jumping machine but a total athlete. I’m playing like I was when I was 21.

    Thanks, Jacob!!!!!


  21. NicK Says:

    This program has been great for my son Brady. As a parent I was a little hesitant about ordering it for him but the manual is really good. Thanks for your tips as he settled into the program.

    I would recommend the Jump Manual to other parents for their kids, especially ones that are serious about improving their vertical.




  22. Chris Says:

    Although I only had a limited time to do only part of this program due to injuries holding me back, this program has taken my training to the next level and helped me gain some very useful inches on my vertical. The workout methods and the workouts themselves interested me and left me extremely explosive both strength wise and quickness wise on the days where I was fully recovered.
    This program has helped me achieve my goal of dunking at about 4 times since I finished, although I still can’t dunk casually due to doing only 5 weeks of this program. I gained 4 inches in 5 weeks. Time to get back on it once my nagging injuries stop NAGGING at me!
    All in all, I seriously recommend this for anyone who’s willing to work hard to increase their vertical without complicating their lifestyle.


  23. David Says:

    I’m a 40 year old Ultimate player and still trying to always get better and compete at the highest level possible. I’m only 5’7″, and I’ve always been vertically challenged – lack of a decent jump is (or was) the biggest weakness in my game. I’ve been doing the Jump Manual workouts for 4 months now, and have gained a solid 5″ on my vertical (up to 31″ at last test). That maybe not as huge an increase as what some of the younger guys are getting, but it is very significant for me. For the first time in my playing career, I’m having games where I’m going up over other (typically much younger) guys – making catches and getting D’s. It’s a real boost to my confidence and my game. Perhaps even more important to my game though is the generally increased speed, quickness and explosion I’m getting out of the program.
    As some of the other commenters have noted, what makes the Jump Manual effective isn’t just the individual exercises, but the whole approach to working out and recovery: High intensity, but relatively short workouts with good time between for recovery. I’ve tried workout programs where you go hard just about every day and over-train, and all it gets you is frustration and injuries. Building proper recovery into the workout program as Jacob has done with the Jump manual is much more effective, and it leaves you with a lot more time and energy to do fun stuff – like playing the sport that you’re training for in the first place.
    Jacob has also been helpful with advice to get me past some frustrating points when the gains seemed to plateau for a while.
    I would definitely recommend the Jump Manual to anyone who’s looking to increase their strength and explosiveness – or their vertical jump.


  24. Edward Says:

    I’m a 13 year old kid working out and I’m 5″5″. I thought it was impossible for me dunk, but then I started searching for increasing vertical jump and I have found a lot. Air Alert, … and I forgot the rest and they all seemed real, but they didn’t really have any facts that I will get results and they were too slow, but then I saw Jump Manual. That sounds cool, and I went on the website and it showed how I’m suppose to jump, and why this works and not others and you can gain an inch in one week. So let’s say you wanted to spend a whole year in training. Then it is… lol 48 inches. I haven’t tried that, I dont have time for that, but before I can barely touch the bottom of the net, but NOW! I can touch backboard. (I only worked on it for a few weeks >.>) for me, this is an incredible improvement. Last year I tried making my own workout, I didn’t wanna pay, but I only increased 3 inches. Trust me! I recommend this to anyone whoever dreams of dunking a basketball. I know I want to.


  25. Michael Says:

    The Jump Manual is the best vertical jump training manual that I’ve come across. It explains all the theory in a quick, precise and compact way. It also shows you step by step how to put your newly aquired theoretical information into practise.

    The exercises are just phenomenal!! I’ve been using this manual for some months and the effects are just astonishing! Sometimes I get a 2-4 inch addition to my vertical in JUST ONE WORKOUT.

    This manual is definitely worth purchasing. It just covers all the topics needed to get a high vertical (theory, exercises, nutrition, injuries).

    But I’ve got a word for those who expect easy outcome in just few weeks. As I said, this manual explains it all, but there is no magic pill. You’ve got to be dedicated! That means you have to invest time and hard work to it.


  26. Zachary Says:

    I am 19 years old, five months ago a injured my ankle very badly. Prior to the injury I had a 38 inch vert that dropped to about 30, with only two months with the jump manual it is now back to around 40. This is an excellent program that will not only increase your vert but also help you to become overall more athletic and powerfull.


  27. jeremy Says:

    hey guys im 13 years old and 5ft 2 and ive been on the jump manual for 3 weeks and my vertical has increased 5 inches i thought it was crazy and i touched net for the first time i recomend this for anyone sreios about increasing there vertical espiacally teens


  28. nathaniel Says:

    I’m 30 years old, I love playing basketball but I’ve never been able to jump higher than 21 inches. I got the jump manual for Christmas from my wife. I had no results the first 2 weeks. So I emailed Jacob for the one on one training advice. He had me give him information about how much I can squat, how high my vertical is from 2 legs, 1 leg, starting at a sitting position, how I feel during my workouts, etc. From this he told me I need to focus on getting more strength and more sleep. I took his advise and gained 4 inches in the next 2 weeks. Who knew that only getting 4 hours of sleep a night would affect your vertical? Since then I’ve gained about an inch a week on my vertical.

    The bottom line is that the Jump Manual is for real, and the one on one training Jacob gives makes all the difference in the world.


  29. bernie Says:


    just wondering how you get to the non weights program in the jump manual



  30. Andra Says:

    I would like to know if this manual is safe and effective for the female athelete.


  31. Rosa lee Back Says:

    Is the jump manual only e-book ,or also an actual manual ,the videos only online also?


  32. Darius Says:

    Jump Manual cost a bit of money for a 12 year old athlete. I’m pretty tall for my age 5’11′, but i need the end in my school’s basketball team.


  33. Darius Says:

    Woops I meant edge


  34. Phil Says:

    hey dan,
    is this the same as the “Flying in four” jump program?


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Phil. Nah, its a completely different program by a different author.


      • Serhan Says:

        Hey Dan it’s Serhan,

        Thanks a lot relating to you helping me :)

        I want the jump manual but I want to know if it’s safe purchasing it buy paypal?

        Could you link me to the page where I can purchase this manual please?



  35. Phil Says:

    Hey Dan,
    How is this one different than the other? And how is it better?


  36. Serhan Says:

    Hey Dan it’s Serhan,

    Thanks a lot relating to you helping me :)

    I want the jump manual but I want to know if it’s safe purchasing it buy paypal?

    Could you link me to the page where I can purchase this manual please?


  37. ash Says:

    u can tell the jump manual is a scam buy the price $129.95/$67
    thats wat people do to sell there products
    false advrtising
    Dont buy
    DYVL is ten time better
    trust me, its worth the money


  38. Robert Says:

    Hey Dan, I’m about 5’5 135 pounds and I’m currently doing AA I just finished my sixth week and now I’m on the seventh and so far Ive gained 4 inches in 6 weeks which is pretty good. My vertical now stands at 25″inches and I’ve never had any jumping experince before and I’m 14 years old. By September 19 I will be done AA and after that date I ONLY HAVE 13 WEEKS left to train until by next basketball season starts. I was just wondering do you know a certain average of what people like me get to add on their vertical jump using Jump Manual who has never had weight training before in 13 weeks.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Robert. First of all, congrats on your dedication to pushing through a program and getting the results you have. Great job man! You’d be surprised to find out that most people don’t even get halfway through a program, let alone start it…To answer your question, there is no real average, but I can tell you that if you’ve never trained with weights before, you will see great results with the Jump Manual. One more thing…After completing AA, I’d wait 1-2 weeks before starting the Jump Manual, just to get your body rested. You will also see improvements during these rest weeks. Keep it up man, and keep me updated on your progress!


  39. Tony Says:

    This is dumb, trying to knock down Air Alert, I’ve been doin air alert for about a week and a half, and I have great results. AA must be good, if you guys are going to compare them together with jump manual. And seriously $70?


  40. Mrzik Says:

    I’ve bought the jump manual few days ago. I’m quite impressed by the content of this manual. The wealth of information about increasing vertical leap is far more than I expected from an online training manual. This is definitely the best vertical jump manual on the internet. Thanks Jacob


  41. bernie Says:

    hey dan

    just wondering if it is a good idea to do jumpmanual and effective ball handling at the same time

    cheers bernie


  42. Sundance Says:

    if I don’t have acces to a weight room will I still be able to gain 10 inches in 12 weeks?


  43. Chuck V Says:

    Hey Dan, I have been doing Air Alert III for 10 weeks now and have not gained very good results. AFter about six weeks i was impressed. I could tap the rim when trying to dunk the ball. Now at week ten I can still do the same thing. the program is 13 weeks. Im 5’4 120 lbs and have a reach of about 6’10. First, can you tell me what my vertical jump is if I can touch 10’2. And what should I do to further increase my vertical jump.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Chuck. Based on your reach and highest point of touch, your vertical jump is 40 inches. That’s pretty awesome man! Are you sure you measured your reach correctly though? To increase your (already awesome) vert, you should do the Jump Manual.


  44. Ara Says:

    I just want to know if the jump manual is safe for a 13 year old girl to use? She’s recently had a knee injury which she has recovered from and was thinking of getting this for her to not only help with her basketball but to also strengthen her knee as shes already 6’2 and 175lbs and still has a lot of growing to do.


    • Dan Says:

      Hi Ara. Yes, it is safe for her to use. The Jump Manual also has a bodyweight program component in it if she doesn’t want to use weights.


  45. may Says:

    Hey Dan, is air alert better or jump manual? im only 14 and a volleyball player, i cant jump very high, about 14 inches?? ( i know its kinda hard to believe) i wan a good result fast. Which one do u recommend? thx a million


    • Dan Says:

      Hey May. Jump Manual is definitely better, and I highly recommend it. All the best in your training. Keep me posted on your results.


  46. Jimmer Says:

    I just ordered the Jump Manual. I have been looking at it for about a year, reading many of testimonials, I have always been impressed. The cost wasthe only thing holding me back.

    I’m 46, 6′”7 and 205, a volleyball player. My daughter just turned 14, 6 foot tall 127 is starting her third year of club volleyball. I jump 10’4″ I have lost about 6 inches in last few years. I’m hoping to up to a 36 vertical. My daughter has jumped 9’5″ at tryouts about a 16 vertical. It would Chang her whole game to jump 36 or more.

    She wants nothing more than to play at Stanford!
    So here we go I took the plunge! We will keep you updated

    Jimmer & Hannah


  47. Dennis Says:

    Hi, my name is Dennis I am just turning 15 and 6ft 1 1/2, I have a 8ft 1 reach and a 19 inch vertical. Right now when i jump up i can touch the bottom of the brick(orange box). And i want to dunk it two handed by my freshman basketball season starts. I am a little big at 230lbs. So of course im the center haha. But i looked for the jump manual because little guys at 5,9 would be rebounding over me. I looked at my self in the mirror and said enough is enough. So i searched online to find a vertical jump program and i found jacobs program. I am starting it tomorrow and hope to be dunking a womans ball at the end of march. Wish me luck!



  48. Buddy Says:

    Hey Dan, how many workouts per weeks are there in the jump


  49. jacob Says:

    can u play basketball a lot while doing the jump manual and get enough rest??


  50. kendrick Says:

    did anyone order the TRUTH ABOUT QUICKNESS???? and if so did they shipp itto you or did you have to download it??



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