Best Vertical Jump Programs Reviewed

“You’re About To Discover How To Jump Higher & Dominate Your Sport Using These PROVEN Vertical Leap Programs…”

Most athletes believe that a 40+ inch vertical is impossible to achieve.

They believe that only pro athletes or genetically gifted athletes can achieve this feat.

However, with the development of cutting-edge vertical jump training programs, jumping higher and increasing your vertical jump is no longer a dream, but a reality.

We have sorted through the clutter and reviewed the top vertical leap programs.

Although each program had its positives and negatives, one jump program was a clear winner in terms of the results it delivered and its value for price.

Here are the top 2 programs:

#1 The Jump Manual


  • The Jump Manual is created by Jacob Hiller.
  • Jacob is a world-renown vertical jump trainer and has even been featured on ESPN.
  • Jacob has helped hundreds of high-school, college, and NBA players dramatically increase their vertical jumps using his unique-yet-simple training methods.
  • The Jump Manual therefore contains the latest developments in vertical jump training.

What We Liked

1. Multi-Faceted Approach

  • The Jump Manual is based on the fact that the way to get the fastest gains possible and jump higher is to train using a multi-faceted approach, unlike most programs which focus only on 1 aspect of vertical jump training.

2. Step-by-step Videos

  • Unlike most programs, which are very difficult to understand, the Jump Manual is very simple to follow.
  • The program comes with videos for all exercises.
  • Gone are the days of trying to guess how exercises are performed by reading paragraphs of text or looking at poor quality pictures.
  • We cannot stress how helpful it is to understand how to perform an exercise by watching a step-by-step video of the exercise instead of just reading about it.

3. Regular Updates

  • With the Jump Manual, you get regular updates as a customer, and you also get cool free bonuses like an interview with one of the top basketball shooting coaches in the world.

4. Very simple to follow

  • The program is extremely easy to follow. Difficult concepts like plyometrics and weight training exercises are explained very well in the book and in the step-by-step videos.

5. One-on-One Coaching

  • This is probably our favorite part of the program. You really feel special when you buy the Jump Manual, because you get personal help whenever you need it.
  • Other vertical jump programs hype themselves up so much, but once you buy the program, they ignore you completely.
  • With the Jump Manual however, you get a free month of unlimited email coaching from Jacob Hiller himself. This is great, because you get to personally talk to the world’s top vertical jump trainer anytime you want.
  • This by itself is worth the price of the program because mentoring is one of the keys to every athlete’s success.

6. The program is based on proven scientific principles

  • Jacob hiller is an experienced and certified athletic trainer, who has trained everyone from high school kids to professionals.
  • He uses real training principles to help you get the results you want, so there is no need for hype or anything.
  • He clearly explains everything you need to do to obtain a 40 inch vertical, and if you follow his proven principles, you will get the results you want.

7. Unbeatable guarantee

  • The Jump Manual has an incredible guarantee: If you don’t gain at least 10 inches in your vertical jump, you get a full refund.

8. Verifiable testimonials

  • The Jump Manual is the only program that offers verifiable testimonials (there’s even a video of a 5’5″ kid doing windmills and 360′s).

What We Disliked

  • It seemed difficult to print out some of the worksheets and charts.

The Verdict

  • The Jump Manual is easily the best vertical leap program in the market. We highly recommend this program to any athlete that is serious about getting quick, lasting results.
  • The program is very safe to perform, and is the only program in the market that offers personal coaching.

Click Here To Learn More About The Jump Manual

#2 The Vertical Jump Development Bible


  • The Vertical Jump Development Bible, commonly referred to as the Vertical Jump Bible, comes in second place.
  • The program was created by Kelly Baggett.
  • We have to say that Kelly knows his stuff really well, and he has a very good reputation in the industry.
  • He is highly respected by both his fellow trainers and the athletes he trains.

What We Liked

1. Reasonable Price

  • The program is the cheapest in the market, making it affordable for all athletes.

2. Based on solid scientific principles

  • Kelly has a knack for explaining his training methods using the laws of physics.
  • This makes his program work very well, especially for experienced athletes who have not had good results before.

3. Simplicity

  • The program is simple to understand and follow.

4. Good Bonuses

  • The program comes with 2 bonuses: a great report on diet/nutrition and another report on mindset.

What We Disliked

Average presentation

  • The program doesn’t have any videos to show you exactly how to perform the exercises.

The Verdict

  • If you are looking for a very affordable program with great information on how to jump higher and increase your vertical leap, this program will get you results.

Click Here To Learn More About The Vertical Jump Bible

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Have You Used Any Of These Jump Programs?

If you have used any of these programs, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts on these programs because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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30 Responses to “Best Vertical Jump Programs Reviewed”

  1. Mike Killian Says:

    I have used the Double Your Vertical Jump and Jumpsoft and to be honest I have not been very pleased with those programs. I am an athletic trainer but until recently I have been more dedicated to the baseball world…played in the minors many moons ago. But, I am now involved with all of this since I have 3 kids of my own that play (freshman in college, sophomore in HS, and 4th grade).

    I have used the jump soles with some very good success though, but not all athletes that I train have these, so I wanted to also find a program not reliant on the jump soles.



  2. humayoon Says:

    r these books/jump training guidlines for volleyball as well.


    • Dan Says:

      Yep, they are for volleyball as well. They will work for any sport.


      • Desmond Says:

        Hi Dan im Desmond Im only 14 years old but i really want to jump to jump higher. Im really tired of these other programs they dont seem to work. Im trying to do what u recomend. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show me works outs or excersies that i can do i really want to dunk one day to. im also trying to run faster Please send me tips or something and please say how long it takes THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH GOD BLESS YOU Also you can email me at PLEASE WRITE BACK


        • Dan Says:

          Hey Desmond. What programs have you tried before? Did you complete them? I’m asking you because it will help me know how to advise you on what to do. If you want to jump higher, your best bet would be to follow the Jump Manual.


        • Levi Armandi Says:

          you want to jump high? go to the gym and start doing squats!! the more you can push in the ground the higher you can jump! its called physics! yes practicing jumping created muscle memory but strength it what will actually get you too jump high!! guareentee when you squating double ur weight you will be skying real high. i am foot 9 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds, i can squat 335 pounds and can dunk! not to mention you will be powerful in all aspects of life. i have a jump workout that works for real using weights to generate power! that is all, look out in the next year or two! my name will come up for basketball!


  3. Shauna Says:

    Hey, I am a 17 year old athlete that is very passionate about sports. I play volleyball, and know all too well that vertical is a HUGE benefit in it. I am already looking at playing post-secondary volleyball, and would love to have a vertical to impress scouts. Im 5″9, and have been playing at a high level for many years, but I have never been able to jump as high as I would like to. I train about 3 to 4 times per week, along with practices, and while I notice myself getting stronger and more muscle tone, my jump isnt getting any higher. I have tried countless training manuels from various coaches that have specific exercises to increase ones vertical. No matter how much I work, a huge change just hasn’t happened. I’m not usually one to give up on anything, but It seems to me that I am near the end of my rope.. :( I would absolutely love to try these books, anyone of them, for my training. But money is super tight with my family, and my club season is requiring a large fee. I was wondering if there is any way to purchase these books at somewhat of a cheaper price? Or better yet, I think you should make this available to all athletes who are wanting and willing to do the hard work in each exercise. Why not have an online website with weekly workouts specifically designed for increasing your vertical? Sorry, I don’t mean to belittle the business you have, I just think if it’s such a great program that was made to help athletes, why put a price on it which makes it harder for people to use? Just my thoughts. Would love to hear back. Thanks :)


    • Dan Says:

      Hi Shauna. Reading your comment, I can see how passionate you are about your success as an athlete. Unfortunately, I didn’t create any of these programs, so I can’t do much about the price. However, I managed to get Jacob, the creator of the Jump Manual, to give a special 50% holiday discount to my subscribers. You can get it here at the discounted price: Jump Manual Holiday Sale Hope this helps :-) Happy holidays!


  4. cj Says:

    how do i jump higher im only 16 but im 62 and i can jump high already but i want to be able to jump even higher


  5. cj Says:

    i ment i am 6 foot 2 inches


  6. S Dot Says:

    Jump Manual? More like the flunk manual. I had someone try to personally help me and he failed miserably. My jump is only 3 inches. I always dreamed of dunking and have tried everything. ” Just Jumping” does not work it only leaves u with stress. any “smart” suggestions? I wonder if stress can b a factor and what types of food u eat?


  7. Daniel Says:

    Hey Dan

    why have you not reviewed Vertical Mastery? It is the best program by a mile. It is a software application that builds you custom training programs. I have been using it for 14 weeks and my vertical just keeps on improving. I am blown away. You should do a review of it as it is way better than the Jump Manual.


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Daniel. I have taken note. I’ve heard a lot about the program. I will purchase the program and review it in the coming weeks.


  8. Frank Says:

    Hey daniel do you happen to know of any free programs?


  9. Frank Brou Says:

    yeah i used that and it got me aboutt 5 inches. its great. do you know of any more?


  10. jason Says:

    There are a lot of jump programs out, but i would have to say that the jump manual would be the best investment


  11. Bill Says:

    hello dan, i am 6’3 and im 15 years old i can barely get a dunk in, will jump manual increase my vert to where i can just kill the rim? lol like those guys u see on youtube?

    ps. i really need to know because when i tried air alert i only got 4 inches maybe,and my dad said this is the last time hes buying me jump programs lol so i need to make the best out of the last jump program thing my dad told me lol


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Bill.

      In my opinion, the Jump Manual is one of the best vertical jump programs on the planet.

      I can’t guarantee how many inches you will gain, because everyone is different, but it will work for you.

      I highly recommend it.


  12. ray anikwue Says:

    hey dan,how much does the vertical project currently cost


  13. ray anikwue Says:

    hi dan i m 11 years old and i have 19 inch standing vertical is that good bad or average


  14. C-Mart Says:

    have you reviwed vertical mastery yet, and if not, when wil u


    • Dan Says:

      Hey. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but it’s on my list. If you subscribe to my email newsletter (on the top right hand corner of the site), you will find out as soon as I review it. I’ve read a lot of articles by Jack Woodrup (creator of Vertical Mastery), and he seems to know his stuff.


  15. Adam Says:

    I have started jump manual last week and it is not easy but I gained 2 inches on to my vertical already. It really does work


  16. jOHN Says:

    These programs sound nice, im bout to make a decision on which one to purchase, i heard about a new program boingvert. created by shawn myszka, he is the man at jumping, has anyone seen this program yet. jack woodrup of raves about it


  17. solomon Says:

    is it true that ait alert is bad for your knees and if it is are any of these programs the same


  18. Shane Says:

    hey dan i know u have positive thoughts on the jump manual and the vert jump bible but i really want yr idea and thoughts about coach Taylor Allans Vertical Jump Formula. Which i have been doing for 8weeks. Sure i have strengthened my body especially my legs to a certain etent and have started lifitng more heavier but im not seeing too much gains…ive probably gained…2inches on standing vert and maybe 2.5 on runnup an im only estimating here its probably less. The whole program is 38weeks long. 5weeks in bodyweight program which is Young guns. Then 12 weeks in the elite program then 21 in the mastery program. I am follwing the program with good accuracy so wondering why im not seeing much gains. I completly trust and love being trainined by taylor allan and think hes one of a kind as all his programs seem different and unique. His programs workouts are based on the idea of alternating. It will have 2 training days then off(recover day) 2more training days then 2 off (recover days) then repeat till the end of the phase come which u then take a whole week off(except deloaded workouts).


  19. Brendan Says:

    Has the dunknow program ever been reviewed?
    Brendan recently posted..Freak Scoring Machine: New Program By Damin Altizer & Adam LinkenaugerMy Profile



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