Vertical Project Reviews

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Author /Creator:

  • Luke Lowrey

Program Price:

  • Currently $97


  • “Instant Vertical” special report.
  • Exercise Databank™
  • Unlimited lifetime upgrades.
  • Complete Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN™) charts.
  • The Truth™ – Optimal Health For You (ebook on health)


  • Add At Least 10 Inches to Your Vertical Jump In 8 Weeks or get a full refund and an additional $100.

What You Get:

  • The Vertical Project eBook.
  • Exercise Charts.
  • Videos.

Program Review:

The Vertical Project is a popular program created by Luke Lowrey.

It is a 15 week program that consists of 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Training
  • Module 2: Recovery
  • Module 3: Getting Started

Module 1:

  • This module will show you all the exercises that the program has to offer, including diagrams and videos.
  • This module also shows you how to calculate your Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN™).
  • This lets you determine the exact sets, reps, and weights you need to use for each exercise.
  • You will also learn a wide variety exercises like plyometrics, isometrics, and water training.

Module 2:

  • This module teaches you how to rest and recovery between workouts.
  • You will also a lot about diet and the things you need to eat/drink in order to improve your vertical leap.

Module 3:

  • This module basically takes what you learn in the previous two modules and creates a program tailored specifically for you.
  • You also learn about 9 different modes of training your vertical jump.
  • The program is divided into three 5-week training phases to avoid plateaus, and you’re provided with charts to track your progress.

What We Liked:

  • The program has a wide variety of exercises.
  • Lots of great scientific information on training, rest and recovery.

What We Disliked:

  • Hefty price – the program costs A LOT more than other vertical jump programs.
  • The Adenotrex supplement that comes with the program has not been scientifically proven to work nor has it been approved by the FDA.
  • We do not recommend that you buy the Adenotrex supplement offered.
  • Some exercises require extra equipment that you may not have e.g. access to a swimming pool.


The Vertical Project is a good program, and it will work to improve your vertical jump.

However, we have 2 main concerns with the program:

  1. the hefty price tag (although it’s currently on a limited time sale for $23.77) and
  2. the Adenotrex supplement they recommend.

If you have the money, the Vertical Project may be worth checking out.

However, if you want the best vertical jump program,

Check out our #1 ranked program by clicking here.

Have You Used The Vertical Project Before?

If you have trained with The Vertical Project before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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14 Responses to “Vertical Project Reviews”

  1. jamaal Says:

    I trust u jacob kelly and alex so I wilthanks 4 all the info. And wisdoml try 2 order the jump manual if I can send in a check


  2. jamaal Says:

    Thanks 4 all ur wisdom info support and help I trust u alex kelly and jacob I will try 2 purchase the jump manual and truth about quickness if I could send u a check through the mail


  3. jamaal Says:

    Thanks jacob kelly alex and dan for all ur help wisdom support and info I trust and will buy yall program if I could pitch in a check


  4. A7meD Says:

    TVP is sh*t, my friend bought it for 500 bucks, and he didn’t see any diffrent after 6 weaks, so he decide to go with VJB, and he gain 3 inches in 8 weaks, and he is happy for this, however it’s up to you!


  5. scott Says:

    hehy could u do a review on the serious ups program made by otto thanks man really like ur posts keep them coming


  6. jamal Says:

    I have used the vertical project, and I feel it is the only product that produces gains on vertical jump. Other products are misinformed or just flat out trying to keep people down. The training principles are like no other program in DYVL. After training with the program only for 1 month I was doing dunks I never done before, and catching alley-oop passes that I never caught before. Even after trying another program my vertical started to go down and I quickly got back on my Vertical Project program.


  7. ash Says:

    its the best


  8. Adam Says:

    You guys should use the program before you down it. It is a very very good program. Yea, the price is hefty, but if you can afford it it’s the way to go. I gained about 8 inches in 10 weeks, and not too mention I got a heck of a lot faster and quicker. I own the Jump Manual and The Double Your Vertical Leap System, and I can say the Double Your Vertical Leap System is a way more complete and advanced program than any other.


  9. ken Says:

    Any body treid the athletic advantage vertical program by matt stockert any reviews or feedback on the experiance,thank you.


  10. Unsatisfied Says:

    The Vertical Project is nothing more than a shell game to illegally charge your credit card for repeated subscriber fees. I have been fighting for 6 months to stop this company from charging me $179.85. Their phone numbers are nothing more than message machines they never respond to. There is no “coaching” or “mentoring” subscribed to or service provided but is what the fee is supposed to be for. I am planning on starting a class action lawsuit to kill the company and strongly encourage you to not buy into their ponzi scheme.


  11. Bobby Says:

    This program is a complete rip off like every other program. You can never reach anyone by phone as the poster above stated, they rarely respond to e-mails, and when they do it is usually some crap automated response e-mail. DO NOT PURCHASE!! I bought back in April, received an instant receipt, and never got anything from them even though I did all they asked. Crooks


  12. ash Says:

    I got the vertical project and this is wat it is:

    1. gym six days a week for about an hour
    2. pool every 5 weeks
    3. 5 hour recovery plan with any workout
    4. RIP YOU OFF(its not worth $500)
    5. No contact(i got)
    6. Although adenotrex is bad I still never got and i payed for the shipping

    And all that for 12 inches in 15 weeks on average
    And you could get the same results(or less, But very little) with the jump manual with full support


  13. john Says:

    the vertical project is the best
    13 inches in 8 weeks



  14. Javier Says:

    I’m a professional tennis player. At 5’9 I could really use a 40 inch vertical. I’m halfway through the Double Your Vertical Leap program and I have gained 4 inches in 6 weeks. So I’m happy so far.

    However, I have never tried any other formal program like the ones reviewed in this site. I’d also like to warn anyone getting this product about what other reviewers already said; I cannot get a hold of them!. I’ve had a couple of questions and you only get automated e-mail responses or a recording if you call their phones. It’s scary that at their site, all links work except the one for “returning the product” if you are unhappy with it. These are very bad things, but like I said, I’m happy with the program.

    I started at 16 inches and now I jump 20. I expect more improvements, although I’m sure there has to be something better out there.



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