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“You’re About To Discover How To Jump Higher and Add
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An In-Depth Review Of The Top 3 Vertical Jump Programs…

Most athletes believe that a 40 inch vertical is impossible to achieve.

They believe that only pro athletes or genetically gifted athletes can achieve this feat.

However, with the development of cutting-edge vertical jump training programs, jumping higher and increasing your vertical jump is no longer a dream, but a reality.

We have sorted through the clutter and reviewed 3 of the top vertical leap programs.

Although each program had its positives and negatives, one jump program was a clear winner in terms of the results it delivered and its value for price.

Here are the top 3 programs:

#1 The Jump Manual


  • The Jump Manual is created by Jacob Hiller.
  • Jacob is a world-renown vertical jump trainer and has even been featured on ESPN.
  • Jacob has helped hundreds of high-school, college, and NBA players dramatically increase their vertical jumps using his unique-yet-simple training methods.
  • The Jump Manual therefore contains the latest developments in vertical jump training.

What We Liked

1. Multi-Faceted Approach

  • The Jump Manual is based on the fact that the way to get the fastest gains possible and jump higher is to train using a multi-faceted approach, unlike most programs which focus only on 1 aspect of vertical jump training.

2. Step-by-step Videos

  • Unlike most programs, which are very difficult to understand, the Jump Manual is very simple to follow.
  • The program comes with videos for all exercises.
  • Gone are the days of trying to guess how exercises are performed by reading paragraphs of text or looking at poor quality pictures.
  • We cannot stress how helpful it is to understand how to perform an exercise by watching a step-by-step video of the exercise instead of just reading about it.

3. Regular Updates

  • With the Jump Manual, you get regular updates as a customer, and you also get cool free bonuses like an interview with one of the top basketball shooting coaches in the world.

4. Very simple to follow

  • The program is extremely easy to follow. Difficult concepts like plyometrics and weight training exercises are explained very well in the book and in the step-by-step videos.

5. One-on-One Coaching

  • This is probably our favorite part of the program. You really feel special when you buy the Jump Manual, because you get personal help whenever you need it.
  • Other vertical jump programs hype themselves up so much, but once you buy the program, they ignore you completely.
  • With the Jump Manual however, you get a free month of unlimited email coaching from Jacob Hiller himself. This is great, because you get to personally talk to the world’s top vertical jump trainer anytime you want.
  • This by itself is worth the price of the program because mentoring is one of the keys to every athlete’s success.

6. The program is based on proven scientific principles

  • Jacob hiller is an experienced and certified athletic trainer, who has trained everyone from high school kids to professionals.
  • He uses real training principles to help you get the results you want, so there is no need for hype or anything.
  • He clearly explains everything you need to do to obtain a 40 inch vertical, and if you follow his proven principles, you will get the results you want.

7. Unbeatable guarantee

  • The Jump Manual has an incredible guarantee: If you don’t gain at least 10 inches in your vertical jump, you get a full refund.

8. Verifiable testimonials

  • The Jump Manual is the only program that offers verifiable testimonials (there’s even a video of a 5’5″ kid doing windmills and 360′s).

What We Disliked

  • It seemed difficult to print out some of the worksheets and charts.

The Verdict

  • The Jump Manual is easily the best vertical leap program in the market. We highly recommend this program to any athlete that is serious about getting quick, lasting results.
  • The program is very safe to perform, and is the only program in the market that offers personal coaching.

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#2 The Vertical Project


  • The Vertical Project was created by Luke Lowrey, and it gets second place in our review.
  • Luke used to play professional basketball in Australia before becoming a full time trainer.
  • He has trained several athletes around the world and guided them to higher vertical jumps.

What We Liked

1. Wide Variety of exercises

  • The program has a very wide variety of exercises.
  • The exercises range from weight lifting exercises to isometrics, and also pool workouts.

2. Great information on rest and recovery

  • The program has tons of great info on rest and recovery for maximum vertical leap gains.
  • It also explains in detail how the various training supplements work.

3. Based on scientific principles

  • The program is great at tracking your progress using Luke’s Uncompromised Performance Number (UPN™) technology.
  • Your (UPN™) number is unique for each exercise, and it tells you the exact sets, reps, and weight you need to do for each exercise.

4. Great Guarantee

  • If you don’t add at least 10 inches to your vertical jump in 8 Weeks, you get a full refund plus an additional $100.

5. Several bonuses

  • The program comes with several bonuses, including reports on diet, special vertical jump exercises, and more.

What We Disliked

1. Hefty Price (although it’s currently on a limited time sale for $23.77).

  • The program is VERY expensive & costs way more than other vertical jump programs.

2. Adenotrex Supplement

  • The Adenotrex supplement that comes with the program has not been approved by the FDA and isn’t great at all.
  • We therefore do not recommend the Adenotrex supplement offered.

3. Extra equipment required

  • Some exercises require extra equipment that you may not have e.g. regular access to a swimming pool.

The Verdict

  • If you are looking for a program with a lot of information on how to jump higher and increase your vertical jump, and you don’t mind paying a hefty price tag, this program will get you results.

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#3 The Vertical Jump Development Bible


  • The Vertical Jump Development Bible, commonly referred to as the Vertical Jump Bible, comes in third place.
  • The program was created by Kelly Baggett.
  • We have to say that Kelly knows his stuff really well, and he has a very good reputation in the industry.
  • He is highly respected by both his fellow trainers and the athletes he trains.

What We Liked

1. Reasonable Price

  • The program is the cheapest in the market, making it affordable for all athletes.

2. Based on solid scientific principles

  • Kelly has a knack for explaining his training methods using the laws of physics.
  • This makes his program work very well, especially for experienced athletes who have not had good results before.

3. Simplicity

  • The program is simple to understand and follow.

4. Good Bonuses

  • The program comes with 2 bonuses: a great report on diet/nutrition and another report on mindset.

What We Disliked

1. Poor Guarantee

  • Despite having a 60 day money back guarantee, the Vertical Jump Bible doesn’t guarantee a minimum gain in inches.

2. Below average presentation

  • The program doesn’t have any videos to show you exactly how to perform the exercises.

The Verdict

  • If you are looking for a cheap program with good information on how to jump higher and increase your vertical leap, this program will get you results.

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