3 Keys to Vertical Jump Training Success

Has anyone told you about the problems that come with vertical jump training?

Ideally, you should never do any kind of training without some kind of expert help.

This is why so many athletes end up injuring themselves.

They assume they know enough, and then, when the dust has settled, regrets start flooding in.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid making mistakes when you train to jump higher:

1. Follow the guidance of an experienced trainer

Let’s not make mistakes with our vertical jump training because our egos are too big for our shoes.

Always follow the advice of an experienced trainer who knows what he is talking about.

There are many great trainers like Kelly Baggett, Taylor Allan, and Jacob Hiller.

They have created some great vertical jump programs which you can use to jump higher.

2. Always warm up

Even fine dining has a warm-up phase with appetizers where the palate is given teasers of the main course.

In vertical jump training, you should never begin without a proper warm up.

This should consist of simple stretching drills that loosen up your muscles.

Concentrate on drills for your legs, ankles, lower back, and abdomen.

You should also not forget the post-workout warm-down drills which slow your breathing and restore balance in your body.

3. Follow a training plan/schedule

Always follow a plan, and always keep track of all your workouts.

This will help you see your progress, and it will also help you stay motivated.


Vertical leap training will never be effective unless you train the right way.

Always follow the guidance of someone who is an authority figure on how to jump higher.

Get a copy of his or her training manual, and read through it before you start.

If possible, get an workout buddy, so that you can motivate each other up when the training gets difficult.

Finally, do the vertical leap training program with the realization that it’s not always going to be easy.

You will get tired and your muscles will ache, but these are just minor barriers to your goal – which is to increase your vertical jump as much as possible.

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