How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

The vertical jump, also referred to as vertical leap, is a measure of how high you can elevate off the ground from a standstill.

It is usually measured in inches.

Why The Vertical Jump Is Important To YOU

The Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump

No matter what sport you play, you need to be quick and explosive.

As an athlete, if you’re not quick and explosive, you will be eaten alive by the competition…and ride the bench for the rest of your life.

The vertical jump is the most commonly used measure of athletic explosiveness and potential.

In fact, your vertical leap is one of the most important factors when college and pro scouts are evaluating players in sports such as basketball, football, and volleyball.

It is therefore extremely important to work on improving your vertical jump if you are serious about your sport.

If you are not constantly training to improve your vertical jump, you are literally being left behind by your competitors…and it will begin to show.

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

No two athletes are created equal.

Some athletes are naturally more athletic and have higher vertical jumps than others.

However, with the right vertical jump training, ANY athlete can increase their verticals dramatically.

The best way to increase your vertical is to dedicate yourself to a good vertical jump program.

Now, there are several vertical jump programs on the internet, most of which are complete crap.

However, there are a few quality jump programs that have helped thousands of regular athletes take their verticals and explosiveness to the next level.

It is not uncommon for athletes with below average to average athletic ability increasing their verticals to the 40 inch mark and beyond.

If you want to increase your vertical jump by at least 10 inches, a great program you can use is the Jump Manual.

The testimonials speak for themselves, as thousands of athletes have used it to jump higher and perform the dunks they could only DREAM of before.

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