How To Measure Your Vertical Jump Correctly

There are several ways to measure your vertical jump.

However, all the methods are similar and follow the same 5 step procedure.

Vertical Jump Measurement

1. Stand next to a wall with your strong side facing the wall.

  • If you’re right handed, your right shoulder should be next to the wall, and vice versa.

2. Extend your arm and reach up as high as possible, marking the highest spot you can touch.

  • This is your standing reach.
  • You can apply ink or chalk on your fingertips to mark the spot or just have a friend put some tape on the wall marking off the highest point you can touch.

3. Without taking any steps, jump up from a standstill, reach as high up the wall as you can, and mark off the second spot.

  • Mark this second spot with ink, chalk or tape like before.

4. Repeat the jump until you feel you have touched the highest point on the wall.

5. Subtract your standing reach from the height of the highest point you touched on the wall.

  • This number will be your vertical jump.
  • For example, if your standing reach is 7 feet and the highest point you touch on the wall is 10 feet, your vertical jump is 3 feet (36 inches) ——–> [ 10 feet - 7 feet = 3 feet ]

Shoes or No Shoes?

There is an argument as to whether standing reach should be measured with or without shoes on.

This is because wearing shoes will increase your standing reach from anywhere between 1 and 3 inches.

There is no right or wrong option, but for most tests, standing reach is measured with shoes on, because we play in shoes after all.

A Simpler Way To Measure Vertical Jump

Most high schools and colleges have a vertical jump measuring device that makes the whole process faster and simpler.

The device has an adjustable scale that makes it easier to measure your standing reach and highest point of touch. It is also calibrated and therefore makes calculating your vertical jump a breeze.

You also don’t have to worry about bumping into the wall and injuring yourself!

Tips & Tricks

1. Try to wear lightweight, tight fitting shoes when measuring your vertical jump.

  • A great example is the Nike Free shoes. They are comfortable despite being tight and light in weight, and they also provide excellent cushioning.

2. Warm up and stretch before you measure your vertical jump.

  • This will make your muscles loose and make you jump higher during the vertical jump test

3. Make sure you use the correct form to get the highest possible vertical jump score.

  • Squat down, swing your arms and explode upwards, extending your strong arm (right or left) as high as you can and touch the highest point you can.

4. Use a great program like the Jump Manual to improve your vertical jump.

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26 Responses to “How To Measure Your Vertical Jump Correctly”

  1. Paul Says:

    wow, thanks for that. Now i can measure my vertical


  2. Brandon J Says:

    Yeah this is very helpful thankyou !


  3. Dan Says:

    do your feet have to be flat when u measure your reach?


  4. Trevor Doge Says:

    I don’t have one of those advanced highschool verticle jump devices, at my school we just have a measuring board on a wall so I still have to hit the wall :P.


  5. michael Says:

    wooooow i am jumping higher every week thatnks now i kno when am doing good


  6. Azzlo Says:

    check out my vertical on youtube, my screen name is azzlo907, the title is king of springs. leave me a comment.


    • Dan Says:

      Wsup Azzlo. Just watched your vid. How tall are you? Did you windmill it or was I seeing my own things? Nice hops man.


  7. Azzlo Says:

    Im 5’9″ and yes it was a windmill. That was just a little practice.


  8. Kevin Says:

    haha man dan you the man :D


  9. Raphael Solomon Says:

    Dam you are just too much. I can now measure my vertical jump and am doing just too good. Dan i must comfess you are fantastic. Kudos to you


  10. FERAS Says:

    Some people say Drinking milk and eating bananas make you taller. And eating or drinking anything that has omega 3 makes you smarter and taller.

    Is this true or have I done something wrong the past years.


  11. Rahsheed Says:

    What if I can touch the ceiling of my wall?


  12. Joey Says:

    You know the program jump manual? Jacob says you don’t reach your full potential until you reach your vertical to late 40 inches to early 50 inches. Does he mean your no step vertical or taking steps?


  13. lee Says:

    Mint this is cool and very helpful


  14. mac210 Says:

    i already knew how to check my vertical, i go an inch over the rim.


  15. Fritz Says:

    Thanks for the advise. But along with that i’ve only noticed a slight change in vertical.


  16. caleb lacava Says:

    my vert has increased by 6in so from 13-19


  17. jimmy Says:

    Hey Dan, if i do 100 calf raises and 20 weighted squats everyday for a month, how many inches will i gain?


    • Dan Says:

      Wsup Jimmy. I can’t really give you an answer because it will depend on a lot of things like training intensity, previous training experience, rest, recovery etc


  18. cody Says:

    hey i just tried this and i have a 28.5 inch verticle and im 6’0 is that deacent cause i have been doing weight lifting with the basketball team 3 times a week and have been noticing a slight difference but i want to get to the 30′s or 40′s and i keep hearing about the jump manual but i don’t have any money or a good computer since im in a boarding school so im using the library’s computer and the jumpmanual is a program you download so can you help me out? it would be much appriciated thanks

    – Cody


  19. c.hotch Says:

    wew man our team got it rough last night specially me i am 6′0 tall and the tallest man on our team and i had to try and stop this 6′6 giant who was dunking all over the place and i can barely get above the rim and he was throwin down whith both over the rim can you give me some ideas or things that will help me get above the rim? cause that was brutal haha thanks…

    – Cody



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