ESPN Interview of Jacob Hiller, Creator of The Jump Manual

February 22, 2010

Vertical Jump Programs

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

In these videos, Kenny Roda of ESPN Radio interviews Jacob Hiller, the creator of the
Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual is one of the most popular vertical jump programs in the world, and thousands of athletes around the world have used it to increase their vertical leap.

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One Response to “ESPN Interview of Jacob Hiller, Creator of The Jump Manual”

  1. Eloir Carli Junior Says:

    My name is Eloir, I live in Brazil, I play volleyball, I have 33 years old and 5.11 height. I purchased the Jump Manuel program on Sep 2009. I did Air Alert IV on Dec-15-2008 to Mar-23-2009 and Air Alert advanced Jul-13-2009 to aug-24-2009, I got a good progress, my vertical jump is the same when I had 20 years old 38 inches. The program was good, but I almost killed my legs and muscles due the hard program
    I started Jump Manual program on Dec-21-2009, The first 4 weeks, I got 3 inches, GREAT, now has 24 day that I finished the program and everyday playing volleyball my jump is increasing, right now doing the block on the mesh I pass the shoulder and to spike the chest. Is so easy and fast to jump. Right now my vertical jump is 42″.
    Other good point to the program is the my legs and muscles are perfect, no injury or tired. Great program to the sucess, I recommend.


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