The 7 Day Vertical Jump Cure: Discover How To Jump Higher In 7 Days Flat (Free Download)

February 7, 2010

Vertical Jump Programs

The 7 Day Vertical Jump Cure is a brand-new, cutting-edge special report designed to make you jump higher in only 7 days flat.

Download it for free here:

7 Day Vertical Jump Cure

It was created by Kelly Baggett, a vertical jump expert who has helped thousands of athletes around the world to dramatically increase their jumping ability.

The 7 Day Vertical Jump Cure contains the latest vertical jump secrets and discoveries Kelly has made, which he hasn’t shared with anyone, until now.

Why is he giving away this amazing special report for free?

The reason why he is giving it away for free is because he is releasing a new vertical jump program soon,  and he’s giving away some of his best information for free as a way to help athletes and build awareness.

I mean, if you download the 7 Day Vertical Jump Cure for free and find yourself jumping higher after only 1 week,  wouldn’t you want to buy Kelly’s new program?

IT’S A NO-BRAINER…Of course you would!

Anyway, download the special report and FOLLOW IT for the next week.

You will find yourself jumping significantly higher.

Download it here:

P.S. I already have insider access to Kelly’s new vertical jump program. It’s called
Flying In Four, and it’s AMAZING. It will show you a step-by-step regimen you can follow to  jump 4 inches higher in 4 weeks. Stayed tuned to the blog for more info on the program, including a full-blown review of the program.

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27 Responses to “The 7 Day Vertical Jump Cure: Discover How To Jump Higher In 7 Days Flat (Free Download)”

  1. earl kiondra curie Says:

    am 40 years trying to reach vertical leap!


  2. D'Juan Says:

    is there weights needed for this 7 day program? Because im 13 and 5’10 and I don’t want to touch weights


  3. Michael Says:

    I would love to have this if it is actually free. Does the manual cost? If so how much? If it is free im jumpin all on it . What are some excercises I can do to improve my vertical without weights? If the manual will provide me with this information ,then I will be patient and read it whenever I recieve the packet. Thanks


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Michael. Yeah, it’s free. Just click on one of the links in the blog post and you will be taken to a page where you can download it.


  4. ali Says:

    hi i dont noe where to download…? plz help thanxx


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Ali. Just click one of the orange links in the blog post and it will take you to a page where you can signup to download the program.


  5. vishal Says:

    hi im trying to download the manual but when i click the link it leads me back to the same page and there is no other link where can i download it wud be great if u cud guide me through it


    • Dan Says:

      Hey Vishal. Did you already submit your name and email at the site? If you did, check your email and there should be a link to download the report


  6. Cya Says:

    with what program can i open the file? it wont work with open office


  7. Sam Says:

    Yeah, uhm the flying and four manuel.
    Is it free


  8. juice Says:

    trying this but should i expect huge improvement or like an inch or something?


  9. myles k Says:

    hey im trying to jump higher ina short amount of time……..say about a week, csn u help me out??


  10. Filip Says:

    when i click on the link it keeps taking me to the flyin in four page
    how do i get th 7 day one


  11. Faraad Armwood Says:

    i am going to buy the flying in four but i don’t have access to a gym so are the workouts require a gym and weights


  12. Jordan Says:

    is this program only work for 1 week?


  13. Johnathon Says:

    Hey Dan. I was wondering, how many times a week should I perform the excercises from the 7 day jump cure? Also, should I stretch before and after the excercises?


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