Vertical Jump Supplements

The sports supplement industry is HUGE…and is a multi-billion dollar industry.

This means that there is a wide variety of supplements in the market, most of which are complete crap.

However, there are a few great supplements that really help athletes recover better and improve performance.

With the daily influx of new supplements into the market, it has become increasingly difficult for athletes to sort out the good products from the bad.

In this article, I will cut through the clutter and tell you what supplements you should buy, and what you should avoid at all cost.

NOTE: Supplements are not meant to replace your current diet. As their name suggests, they should only ‘supplement’ your current diet. If you take supplements without a solid diet consisting of well balanced meals, you will not see any improvements in your vertical jump.

Great Supplements For Vertical Jump Training

1. Whey Protein

  • Whey protein is the best kind of protein you can take.
  • It is high quality protein that builds your muscles and helps you recover faster.
  • This supplement is important especially if you train with weights.
  • My whey protein of choice is the ‘ON Gold Standard’ by Optimum Nutrition, but you can get it from any other reputable brands.

2. Creatine

  • Creatine is one of the most tested supplements in history, and it has been proven to improve athletic performance.
  • It works by making your muscles absorb more water and thereby helping you workout harder and longer.
  • Creatine exists in several forms, but any form will work in the same way as long as it’s from a reputable brand.
  • I personally use Cellmass by BSN.

3. Multivitamins

  • Multivitamins are important for athletes who don’t get enough vitamins in their regular diets.
  • If you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, you need to supplement your diet with multivitamins.
  • They are important because they help ensure your body operates optimally and recovers properly.

Avoid These Supplements At All Costs

The kind of supplements  you should avoid at all costs are pretty obvious to spot.

It’s those supplements that promise that you will gain X amount of inches without any form of working out.

Seriously, if all we had to do to increase our vertical jump was to take these supplements and sit on the couch playing video games all day, we would ALL be pro athletes making millions of dollars!

Here is a list of supplements you should avoid at all cost:

1. Vertical Blast

2. Adenotrex

3. Any other similar ‘hypey’ supplement.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

These supplements usually contain creatine, and other chemicals that aid in training and recovery.

They will therefore work if you use them together with a good vertical jump program.

However, merely taking them without working out will not make you jump higher.

Where To Buy Supplements

There are literally thousands of places you can buy supplements from.

You can buy them at your local health stores or on several websites online.

Personally, I buy all my supplements from because they have low prices and extremely fast delivery.


If you already have a solid diet consisting of well balanced meals, you do not need supplements to increase your vertical jump.

However, most of us never have enough time to make and eat nutritious meals, so supplementing our diet is the next best option.

Have You Used Supplements Before?

If you have used supplements before, what kind of results did you see?

We would love to know your thoughts because your input will help others make a better, more informed decision.

Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below:

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13 Responses to “Vertical Jump Supplements”

  1. neal kelly Says:

    yeah i tried a bunch but not related to any kind supplement for verticial jumpin but for diet pill weight loss that i tried used several very recent and current.. some kind of acai product ( said to be best superfood) baluve kind and some other not work great for me but toilet time lot so da all but energy not tha much as it say it would and lose weight not much, but acai burn and extreme detox does work for me but it hard to find only thru that company s site but said to be scammin, as star free trail but charge ppl , i found out deeper as i call and research but i still see if hoax or not but they say three month of supply 76 dollar so but only start free trail tha only way but they tried to charge me but i change credit card cos da aggh.. but so on other product i tried decaslim is highly recommend it contain 10 superfood it help to concerate and energy thru the day it does really help me to really motivated and high spirited well i always was but at lot of time i can be very tiring especially goin to work agghh but it helped me but i took other several same time is fendpdra ( wrong spellin ) but it does work but not tha extreme fendrpra is scam! but the red cap wit bottle white and green but can see thr the caps is red.. mmm istori lean system 7 is insane if you can take the double burning pain when you crunch? abs whoooo it does burn and make you hungry wanna eat and eat feel soo full really limit but doesnt mean yo dont eat no no must eat but take those before eat 30 min then eat mm.. and uhh some diet pill does really work but gotta research first and yeah whey protein highly recommend as well ..


  2. Ash Says:

    Why wont adenotrex make you jump higher
    looked at there site and it said it was tested in elite sports lab thing and it has all this stuff for pure jump power
    Dont no but it sounds pretty good if Luke Lowrey said it was,
    JUst asking if im correct
    like the one guy said he put on 7 inches and stuff like that
    so i personally think you should check there site out
    and really think about
    Thanks for crushing my dreams of increasing real big gains with this stuff
    i was going to buy it but im still thinking bout 70 buxs for a month so??
    but some other thing i now is that whey protein is vital to a jump program and could be the diff between 8 inches of vert or 14 inches of vert(friend told me this, dunno f its rite but)
    so seriously think about ADENOTREX
    i no i will!
    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Nathan Says:

    This information really helped. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. :]


  4. Ash Says:

    buy adenatrex
    really good


  5. Ash Says:

    stop taken out my comments cause it will work


  6. james Says:

    im 27 now, and have been taking a daily multivitamin daily for about 2 years, they seem to help with daily productivity and focus. yet i agree with ur topics because lets face it ur a professional and do ur research, so in a sence were kinda guinnea pigs to ur leadership, no offense at all :) just the only way i could think of putting it. this jump program has helped me immensly not only for basketball reasons but overall general body mechanics and health. so maybe this is just another pat on the back for ya for a job well done in ur field and the info u share with us.


  7. tony Says:

    im 15 years old and 5’11 i dont wanna stump my growth but i wanna workout and stuff will the supplements stump my growth?


  8. Jaber Mohamed Says:

    Isnt Creatine for adults over 18 years only im only 16


  9. robin lipton Says:

    i have been using No Xplode for general training in the gym and it has improved my vert alot
    but u do have to train hard .
    There is no miracle product u can take and it will make u jump higher without training …



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